Alumni Spotlight: Eileen Cruz '10, MA

Mike Peters

Eileen Cruz '10, MA

I believe that obtaining a Master of Arts degree in Public and Organizational Relations from Montclair State University, has given me the confidence to move forward in my career. In addition to helping build strategic thinking skills, my graduate degree has provided me with a sense of leadership and a "can do" attitude that I didn't quite have previously. While a juxtaposition of past and present would probably provide a longer list of skills obtained, I do believe that my thinking patterns have clearly been modified. I enjoyed every minute of my graduate studies. Working well under pressure was redefined during my graduate studies--it was certainly challenging (with full-time career, three children, etc), but it was also quite exciting! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My experience at Montclair State University was highly rewarding and I am proud to have the school as my Alma Mater.

During my graduate studies I became a member of Alpha Epsilon Lambda – National Honor Society (2010) as well as Phi Kappa Phi –National Honor Society (2010). Additionally, I was the recipient of the Wayne Bond Academic Achievement Award (4/2010). In March 2009, I was chosen to present a term paper to the New Jersey Communication Association Conference, as part of a Panel featuring individual papers. The Panel topic— “What a Difference a Generation Makes: How Changes to the Medium and the Message Have Changed the Way We Live.” My final grade point average was 3.9 (summa cum laude). I try to be highly involved in the lives of my three children by supporting their extracurricular activities. I am a class parent for my youngest and attend as many soccer games and piano recitals as possible! My passion is animals, thus, I hope to be a volunteer (in the very near future) at my local animal shelter. I mentor as many people as possible, including new hires at my current company. I am currently the Director of Office Services at HigdonBraddockMatthews--a boutique executive recruiting firm in New York City that focuses exclusively on clients who manage money. I have been with this organization for 11 years in increasing levels of responsibility.


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