NJSOC Announcements

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Leighann Tota

Students practice building a debris shelter during the Survival class

Bordentown Regional School District has Outdoor Educational Experience

The 7th graders from Bordentown visit Montclair State University's field station for an environmental learning experience.

Erin Keller

Students try their hand at fishing during the Fish Ecology class

Anna L. Klein School Continues their commitment to Environmental Education

Leighann Tota

Students build confidence on the Confidence Course

Harrington Park School Has Environmental Learning Experience at the NJSOC

The Harrington Park sixth graders experience the great outdoors at Montclair State University's environmental field station, the New Jersey School of Conservation

Erin Keller

Students look for aquatic invertebrates during Water Ecology

Solomon Schechter Day School Returns to NJSOC for Environmental Experience

Christopher Shea

Students try their hand at a team-building activity called "Hot Stuff"

Stevens Cooperative School joins the New Jersey School of Conservation for an Environmental Education experience

Veronica Puza

A couple of students get a different perspective on a flower during Conservation Photography

The Young Ladies of Kent Place School Enjoy Another Memorable Visit to the NJSOC

Christopher Shea

Students enjoy a challenge at the Action Socialization Experiences

The Lincoln School attends the New Jersey School of Conservation for a three day environmental experience

The students and teachers from Garwood New Jersey return to Stokes State Forest for their annual outdoor education experience.

Veronica Puza

Students listen carefully as the Instructor describes their challenge during Group Initiatives

The NJSOC Welcomes Gill St. Bernard’s School for their Annual Class Trip

The Gill St. Bernard's School continues their proud tradition of providing an outdoor educational experience at Montclair State University's environmental field station.

Jamie Hoffman

Students practice their paddling skills while exploring the aquatic life in Lake Wapalanne

Norwood Public School Has Environmental Experience

The sixth-graders from Norwood traveled to Stokes State Forest for an environmental experience at Montclair State University's School of Conservation

Jamie Hoffman

NJSOC environmental educator and graduate student, Amanda Menasion, explains how trails are marked during the Survival class.

The Arthur M. Judd Elementary School Continues Environmental Education

North Brunswick fifth graders enjoy learning about the natural environment in Stokes State Forest.