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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take ESL courses online?
Currently, ESL courses are only offered on campus in a classroom setting.
2. Does the program have day and evening classes?
Both day and evening classes are available.
3. What is the tuition for ESL courses?
Depending on the length of the session and course choice, tuition varies from $260 in the summer to $650 for the fall TOEFL Review Course.
4. How am I placed in an ESL level?
Students take a short grammar test, provide a writing sample, and are interviewed by a faculty member at registration time.
5. Can I get financial aid?
There is no financial aid available for our non-credit ESL program. Students can check with their employers about possible financial assistance.
6. Do ESL courses count for college credit?
The ESL courses in this program are non-credit. They will not apply towards a college degree program.