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Dietetics FAQs

Prospective Students

Does Montclair State University offer a Nutrition Certification Program?
We have an AND certification program in which students can complete the required coursework to be eligible to apply for Dietetic Internship and for RD exam. We do not have Nutritionist Certification Program.
I have a BA in Communications and am looking to fulfill the requirements of the DPD in order to be a RD. I see there are two options here, the certificate and the second bachelor degree option. I am looking for guidance as to which would be best for me to apply.
A second bachelor’s degree is generally recommended for students who have not completed many dietetic related courses previously. A certificate program is recommended for students who have completed dietetic courses from a previous program.
I have a BS degree in another field. I am interested in becoming an RD. To what program should I apply?
We have three options for a RD career for people who have already obtained a BS degree:
(1) Second BS in Dietetics, (2) AND certificate or (3) AND certificate plus MS combined.
Option (1) is an undergraduate program, options (2) and (3) are graduate programs. You do need to apply to the program of your choice. For option (3), you must apply for the AND certificate and MS program separately.
To apply for a second BS program, please visit this page: Apply and Check Status. Please note that you must complete a minimum of 32 credits at Montclair State.
For information on the AND certificate, please view the AND Certificate Program page.
Program information for the BSDPD can be found within the University Catalog. Please note that equivalent courses completed at another institution can be credited. You may estimate how many courses you can get credits by visiting the Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics catalog page.
I am interested in the AND Certificate program. I have a BS degree in Biology. Can I have my transcript evaluated?
Once you are enrolled, we can evaluate your transcript to assess courses necessary to take to meet the DPD curriculum. Please visit the following link to assess your transcript and help you decide: Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics.
What is the curriculum for DPD?
Please refer to the following for required coursework in Dietetics: Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics
I want to apply for a second BS.  Will my courses completed at another university transfer?
Equivalent courses at your university can be transferred. You may evaluate your transcript to estimate how many courses you will need to complete to receive the BS in Dietetics. Please refer to the following link for required coursework in Dietetics.   Remember that as second BS students, you must complete a minimum of 32 credits at Montclair State: Nutrition and Food Science, Dietetics.
How do I apply for a second BS in Dietetics?
Please apply via Undergraduate Admissions. You will need to select one of the following three concentrations: Food Science, Food Systems or Applied Nutrition and Wellness.  Once you are enrolled at Montclair, you will apply to Dietetics concentration after meeting the eligibility requirement.
How do I apply to the AND Certificate Program?
You can apply to the AND Certificate Program via the Graduate Program Application site.
Do students in the AND Certificate Program need to apply to the Dietetics concentration again after being accepted into the AND Certificate Program?
No. AND Certificate Program students are already accepted into Dietetics at the time of admission.

Current Students

How do I plan to apply for the Dietetic Internship?
Computer matching is mandatory for all Dietetic Internship appointments except when the program enrolls only employees of the sponsoring institution.  Please visit ACEND to learn more about the internship application process.
What is the Verification Statement?
The Verification Statement indicates that an individual has completed the requirements of a dietetics education program accredited by the Accreditation Council of Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).
What do I need to do to receive the Verification Statement?
To receive the Verification Statement, you need to complete the DPD curriculum at Montclair State University, with all grades being a C or better.
Is there an “expiration date” for Verification Statements? A supervisor at the Department of Public Health asked me the other day if there is a time limit for how long the DI verification statement is valid if the person has not passed the RD exam.
As long as an individual is in the CDR’s database as registry-eligible, then they are eligible for life to take the RD exam with unlimited attempts at testing. However, in order to be included in CDR’s exam score reports, an individual must have become eligible within the most recent five year period. So, an individual who has completed a DI over five years ago and continues to fail at exam attempts will not be counted against a program.
I have some classes in the DPD curriculum waived when I first came as a transfer student (or into the AND Certificate Program).  Therefore I don’t have the grades for them.  How do I calculate my DPD GPA when applying for an internship?
You need to retrieve grades from previous schools for those specific courses and enter those grades in the system.  It will calculate the DPD grade in the system once you enter each grade.
How do I get permission to take a course at another university?
Please obtain and complete the form “Request for Work at Another Institution” available in the registrar’s office.  Follow the instructions on the form regarding the required approvals. You must receive a C or better to be eligible for the Verification Statement.
How do I apply to the Dietetics Concentration as a current first BS or second BS student in the Food and Nutrition Science program at Montclair?
Academic Eligibility to apply to Dietetics concentration is as follows:
1. Maintain a GPA of 3.2 or above
2. Complete NUFD192, NUFD 150, MATH109, and CHEM113 and receive C or better grades
3. Have earned a C or better grades in any other DPD courses