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Montclair State University employees can take advantage of the following services we currently offer:

  • Medical Surveillance
    • Noise Exposure Assessments: In partnership with the Audiology Department, we provide audiometry tests to those of our employees enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program. This purpose of this program is to protect the hearing of those working in high-noise environments.
    • Access to Animal Facilities: Employees working with animals (whether in our animal facilities on campus or in the field) must complete a health screening to obtain clearance to work in these environments.
    • Respirator Clearance Exams: Employees who are required to wear respirators during certain work tasks must first complete a respirator clearance exam which consists of a respirator fit test and, in certain cases, a spirometry test.
  • Immunizations: We provide certain vaccines to employees as required by potential work exposures.
  • Work-related travel medicine: We provide services for pre- and post-international travel needs for employees.
  • Ergonomic Assessments: Employees can request an evaluation of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) due to workplace design and employee capabilities.

To schedule an appointment call 973-655-5014 or email

Additional services will be offered once the Occupational Health Clinic is open.