Canvas Project Management

The Canvas evaluation process at MSU began at the start of the Spring 2013 term and was completed by April 2013. A recommendation based on the participants' evaluation was finalized and submitted by May 1, 2013, and the recommendation was reviewed by the Provost and the CIO for implementation.

The task of implementing Canvas required collaboration across the university. To meet the challenge of getting all of Montclair community on the new learning management system by Fall 2014, we established a solid project management discipline for this project. On this page, you will find the key project deliverables including governance documents, project management deliverables including monitoring and control tools and status reports.


  1. Canvas Project Charter – The charter is an informal contract that outline the scope, schedule, risks, and success criteria for the project.
  2. Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities – This document highlights the key responsibilities and activities for the steering committee. As discussed, Canvas requires university-wide collaboration.

Project Management Planning

Canvas Presentations and Exploration

  1. Canvas Stakeholder and Communication Plans – This project deliverable illustrates the thinking and planning on how to best engage the key stakeholders throughout Montclair.
  2. Master Schedule – This is a summary of the task groups and major tasks within the Canvas Project. It is constantly being updated as we make progress.
  3. Canvas PM Toolkit Summary – Canvas project management team tracks the key challenges including issues, risks, changes, and assumptions. We proactively manage them to avoid unpleasant surprises.