Annotate a Word Document (Mac)

A Low Threshold Application (LTA) is a teaching/learning application of information technology that is reliable, accessible, easy to learn, and non-intimidating. Each LTA has observable positive consequences, and contributes to important long-term changes in teaching and/or learning. The user of LTA's whether that person is the teacher or learner should perceive the LTA not to be challenging, or requiring a lot of additional work; rather, the user should find the LTA helpful with quick and meaningful results. Below you will find three categories of LTA's: easy, moderate, and hard. Simply click on the LTA under the category that you are interested in and you will be linked to a set of simple step-by-step instructions relating to your item of interest.

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LTA Overview
Many times when you receive an online document, you wish that you could provide verbal comments to reinforce written annotations to the writer. This LTA will provide simple instructions on how to include voice comments to an already created document using a PC.

LTA Level
This LTA is geared towards mainstream faculty and staff with little or no technical experience. It is designed as an initial first step in familiarizing faculty with how to create an audio file and insert it into a Word document.

LTA Outcomes
By working through this LTA, the user will be able to create an audio file and embed it in a Word document for voice comments.

Skills required completing the LTA
Users should be comfortable working with a computer and be familiar with the general idea of audio files.

LTA Instructions

Before you follow these instructions you must have a microphone connected to your computer.

Microsoft Word Voice Annotation in OS X.

1) Open IMovie and create a new movie

2) Click on the Audio Icon

This will show you all available sounds that you have in your ITunes Library. To record your voice, make sure the microphone is working, the sound level bar will be moving.

3) Click on the record button and start talking

4) Click the record button again to stop recording

Your audio recording will be automatically added to your movie?fs timeline.

5) Save your movie

6) Open Microsoft Word

7) Click on Insert Movie

8) Find your movie (In QuickTime format) and click Choose

This will open a big black screen on your Word Document.

9) Resize the screen to the size of an icon.

10) Position it then double-click. It is now embedded into your document.

11) Save your document.