Blackboard 9 Known Issues and Recommendations

Recommended Web Browsers for Bb9

Recommendations for Administering and Taking Tests in Bb9

Current Blackboard Issues

Currently, we are aware of few Blackboard 9 Issues that faculty and students are reporting. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with these issues as we are working diligently with Blackboard to have them corrected.

Issue with Opening PDF Files in Firefox

For students, faculty and staff that use the Firefox web browser, please be aware that there is an issue with Firefox and Adobe Reader XI. If you are trying to access PDF files from Blackboard within Firefox, go to  Tools > Add-ons > Plugins and disable Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in. The next time you attempt to open a PDF file within Firefox, you will be prompted to save or open it.

Course Copy

When copying any gradable object (i.e., blogs, assignments, tests, etc.) in Blackboard from course to course, be sure to copy the Grade Center Columns and Settings as well. Failure to do so will corrupt the gradable object.

YouTube Mashup Fix for Google Chrome

By default,  YouTube Mashup content no longer plays in Google Chrome. To have these videos work in Chrome, first choose and video and select Edit from its dropdown menu. Next, turn on HTML editing mode in the WYSIWYG text editor. While in this mode, find the three instances of "http" in the embed code for the video and replace them with "https." 

Blackboard Assignments

When a instructor runs a batch download of an assignment, the browser displays Assignment File Download and Assignment File Cleanup twice. This first one is the active link. This is the one the instructor should select.

Group Assignments

If the instructor runs a batch download on a group assignment, the files submitted by the students are no longer accessible. Do not run this function at this time. Blackboard is aware of this bug and is working towards a solution.

Wimba Voice

Internet Explorer users are experiencing difficulty when trying to open the java applet that is required for Wimba Voice. Please use an alternative, recommended internet browser when trying to use this tool.