Blackboard FAQ

Why can I not see my courses for next semester?

Blackboard courses are unavailable to students until three business days prior to the start of the semseter; however, instructors are still able to modify courses listed as unavailable.

I just registered for my course this morning, why can I not see it?

The Office of Information Technology runs a nightly process which captures any new course enrollments from the day before. In most scenarios, students will have to wait until the next day to see their newly added course(s) in Blackboard.

I have been registered for my course for some time, but now it has disappeared. Where did it go?

All instructors have the ability to make their course "unavailable" (hide it) at any time. Check with fellow students and your professor to see if this is the case. 

I cannot see any content in my Blackboard courses. What do I do? 

The Course Menu (or left-side menu) in all Blackboard courses may be hidden. In cases where the Course Menu is hidden, follow our guide on Hiding and Unhiding the Course Menu

I want to use the Blackboard Mobile Learn App on my Android or iOS device, but it will not work. Why?

Currently, the Blackboard Mobile Learn App only works with Sprint and Wi-Fi only devices. Blackboard is developing a new app that will work on all carrier networks. For more information about this, read our Blackboard Mobile Learn Documentation