Galaxy Quick Guide

Follow the directons for an overview of how to download and run Galaxy. You must have an account with SIS, FRS, or HRS in order to log into Galaxy. For more information on how to get an account, contact one of the extensions provided below.
Windows Instructions for Accessing Galaxy

  • Your login to galaxy will be your NetID and password. For more information about
    NetID, or problems logging into Galaxy click here.
  • In order to access Galaxy from your Windows machine, you will need to install QVT 5.1. Follow these instructions:

1. Open a web browser and go to Agree to the terms outlined on this page.
2. Look on the right for Windows OS Archive. There are several sub-categories.
Look under Internet Utilities. Click on the link that is named QVT/Term 5.1
Win2k for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7.
3. You will be prompted to save the file. It’s best to save it to the Desktop so that
it is easier to locate.
4. Look on the desktop for a colorful icon that is named QVT TERM. Double-click on this to begin the installation.
5. Once installed you will see a black terminal icon named If you have Win2000 you will be prompted to reboot the machine.

  • To get onto galaxy, you must have an account with SIS, FRS, or HRS. For SIS account information please contact the Registrar office at x4376. For FRS, please contact Marlene Kolesar at x7373. For HRS, call Human Resources at x5293.

Mac Instructions for Accessing Galaxy

Open the terminal. If the terminal is not in your Dock, go to Go on the top menu bar and choose Applications. Open the Utilities folder to locate the Terminal.

With the terminal open, go to File on the top menu bar and choose New Command. In the blank field type ssh (use your username) and check off Run Command In New Shell.

Press Run and you should then be prompted for your galaxy password.

To Save this as a shortcut, go to File and select Save As. Name the connection Galaxy- make sure that .term is after galaxy. You can choose where you would like to save it but most people prefer the desktop.