Google Calendar FAQ

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How can I access Google Calendar?

Google Calendar can be accessed through the main MSU website under Quick Links or by typing the URL

Who can see my calendar?

The default setting for your MSU calendar is for all MSU employees to See only free/busy (hide details). Note this is the minimum setting required to allow others to determine your availability for event proposals. If you disable this setting other employees can still send you event proposals but will have no way of determining your availability first (within Gcal).

Where can I see this default setting?

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your MSU calendar and click on Share this Calendar.

How can I share my calendar with others so they can see my event details?

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the calendar you wish to share and click on Share this Calendar.  Type the NetID of the person you want to share your calendar with under Share with specific people.

Can I create other (multiple) calendars for myself?

Yes, click on Add under My Calendars. Note that if you want to create a calendar for a resource (rooms [Locations], equipment [Assets], or for department use [Dept]), please see the questions below regarding resource calendars.

How can I see the availability of the people I want to invite to an event?

Create the event, set the time of the event, invite all guests and click on Find a Time to view guests free and busy times.

Can I create Banners in Google Calendar? 

Yes, when creating an event click the All day check box under the event title. Be sure the Show me as button is set to Available.

What is a resource calendar?

Resource calendars include location, asset, departmental, and project calendars.

Where can I get a list of resource calendars and their owners?

Go to http://oit/documentation/mm_resource_name_matrix.html

How do I create a resource calendar?

You need to contact the University Help Desk at x7971.

Can I create recurring appointments?

Yes.  Create the event and click on Repeat…..

How do I know if I've been invited to a meeting?

You will receive an email if your notifications are set to send an email for new invitations and the event will be added to your calendar and will appear with a question mark (?).

How do I check my notification settings?

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your calendar and click on Notifications.

Can I create groups in Google Calendar?

Yes. Instruction for creating groups can be found at -http://oit/documentation/msu_apps/gcal/GoogleCalendar2-4-11.pdf 

How can I add my student assistant to a calendar or give them access to a resource calendar?

The account custodian for the resource calendar can add the student through the Google Resource Calendar Center. The student will then have access to gcal and to that particular resource calender.