MSU-Guest Setup for Windows 7

The MSU-Guest network is intended only for temporary visitors to campus (i.e. attendees of a workshop or event) who do not have an MSU NetID account. The MSU-Guest network is intended to provide convenient access to the Internet for web browsing and other common activities for a period of 24 hours and is an open, non-encrypted network. 

The following steps will show you how to connect to MSU-Guest with your Windows 7 device.

  1. Click on the Network settings icon found in the notifications area of your Windows Taskbar (located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen). Click on MSU-Guest, then click Connect
  2. Open your preferred web browser (such as Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) and navigate to any website. You will automatically be redirected to the Guest Portal page.
  3. On the Guest Portal page, select the "Don't have an account?" link.

  4. On the Create Account page, enter the requested information, then select Register.

  5. On the Account Created page, press either the Email me or Text Me button to choose how to receive your password to join MSU-Guest. After you've made your select, press Sign On.

  6. Back at the MSU-Guest portal page, sign in by entering the email you provided in the username field. Check your cell phone for a text message or email containing your password. Enter your password, then press Sign On.
  7. Read through the Acceptable Use Policy on the next page, then press Accept to join MSU-Guest.