Voting Members

Murray L. Cole, Chair

William L. Wimberly, Vice Chair

Rose Cali, Secretary

Susan L. Blount

George J. Hiltzik

Lily K. Lai

Carlos Ortiz

Jonathan R. Spicehandler

Philip H. Thayer, Jr.

Jennifer Connell, Student

Non-voting Members

Gregory L. Waters, Interim President

Vitaly Satanovsky, Student


Judith Shillcock, Faculty

Audrey Leef, Alumni

The purpose of the Board of Trustees of Montclair State University is to hold the University in trust for the public representing the public interest in governance, policies, and development of the University within the spirit and intent of the laws and regulations governing the Board and the University.

The Board of Trustees is established pursuant to Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA) which states, in part, that "the Legislature hereby finds that it is in the best interest of the State that the State colleges shall be and continue to be given a high degree of self-government and that the government and conduct of the colleges shall be free of partisanship. The Legislature finds further that decentralization of authority and decision-making to the boards of trustees and administrators of the State colleges will enhance the idea of self-government. Such colleges shall be maintained for the purpose of providing higher education in the liberal arts and sciences and various professional areas, including the science of education and the art of teaching at such places as may be provided by law."


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