Reserving Laptops for Faculty/Staff

Reserving Portable AV Equipment and Laptops

AV Equipment from the equipment loan pool must be reserved 2-3 business in advance by visiting the IT website and filling out the equipment loan form. The equipment can be picked up during normal business hours in University Hall, 5th floor at the Reception Desk.

Only a faculty, staff, or an on-campus GA is allowed to reserve a Data Projector, Camcorder, Video Projector, PA System, Karaoke unit, and Mobile Presentation System.
Students who would like to request AV Equipment and/or Laptops must have a Faculty/Staff member request the equipment on their behalf.  Faculty/Staff may then visit online ( and fill out the request.

Portable DVD/VCR Combo Units
Please note that the Market Place has determined that analog equipment such as DVD/VCR players are going away. IT will continue to loan these units for as long as they are available. Please be sure to request the needed AV cables to connect to the data projectors in the classroom. Please also note that IT provides daily loans of PC laptops with build-in DVD players for ease of use and convenience. 

Portable DVD/VCR Recorders
Faculty/Staff are able to reserve and borrow DVD/VCR Recorders to copy their own content at their convenience on a daily bases or take a unit home on a weekend and return on Monday. To learn more about uploading your own video content to the cloud or acquiring commercial digital streaming rights, please visit

Faculty and Graduate Assistants may borrow digital camcorders (mini DV tapes) to videotape their classes.  The camcorders are simple to operate and the TSS/AV Services will provide training by appointment. Faculty may also arrange for students to reserve and borrow camcorders under their name by filling out the online Equipment Loan Request form. TSS can also recommend the purchase of a digital camcorder.

Contingency Planning
Even with a rehearsal and training, hardware, software, wireless or wired network connections can fail. If you are using the internet, have an alternate plan including having your content on a flash drive.

Laptops & Data Projectors
Data projectors are available for loans.  All requests should be made 2-3 days in advance. Same day requests may not guarantee equipment availability. Equipment may be borrowed over night and returned the next day. If reserving on a Friday, equipment can be returned on Monday.

Mobile Presentation System (MPS)
There are currently 4 MPS units (4 PC units) for loan to the faculty.
A MPS unit includes a multimedia laptop & power cord, data projector, a 25 ft. electric extension cord, a 4 port electric strip, Ethernet wire and related cables neatly stored in a handy rolling type luggage cart. Any additional equipment needed for presentation can be requested separately.

To reserve a Mobile Presentation System unit and arrange for a one time orientation, faculty should visit the IT website ( and fill out the Equipment loan request form.  See below for online instructional training video on how to use the Mobile Presentation System as well a printable documentation (training video and documentation was created by the IT’s Technology training and Integration (TTI)Group.

Equipment Loan Request Form