Videoconferencing History in 310

Summary of Videoconferencing and Satellite Downlinks at Montclair State University since Summer 1999:

Dr. Lipman, CEHS/IACP
University of Brasilia: 7/7/1999
Mount Holyoke

Dr. Lois Oppenhiem, CHSS/French Department
France 11/4/1999
France 11/17/1999
France 11/18/1999
France 2.28/2001
Interview candidate 5/2/2001

Dr. Elizabeth Emery, CHSS/French Department
France 11/17/2000
France 11/20/2000
France 04/10/2001
France 10/23/2001
France 11/20/2001

Dr. Daniel Mengara, CHSS/French Department
France 3/24/2000
France 4/28/2000
France 10/2/2000
France 10/19/2000
France 11/6/2000
France 3/14/2001

Dr. Stacy Katz, CHSS/French Department
France 11/4/1999
France 11/18/1999
France 4/26/2000

OIT Satellite Downlink: PBS - PITFALLS AND PROGRESS: Technology in Higher Education 4/22/1999

Dean Michelli/CEHS Satellite Downlink: Department of Education, Washington, D.C. 5/4/1999

Dean Jenkins/CEHS: Videoconference with Australia 5/17/1999

OIT/Apple Satellite Downlink 8/31/1999

OIT/Apple Satellite Downlink 3/9/2000

Dean Vandegrift: Videoconference Interview 3/20/2000
Videoconference Interview 3/24/2000
Videoconference Interview 3/27/2000
Videoconference Interview 3/28/2000
Videoconference Interview 06/21/2000

Dr. Juniu, HPPERALS/CEHS: Videoconference with University of Mexico 3/23/2000

OIT/Provost: PBS Satellite Downlink - Designing Classrooms for Technology Integration and Accessibility 4/13/2000

OIT/CHSS: PBS Satellite Downlink - Web-based Online Courses 4/13/2000

Provost: IDLS Videoconference Meeting with Brookdale Community College 8/24/2000

Human Ecology, CEHS “World Food Day” Satellite Downlink 11/16/2000

Dr. Wilkins, French/CHSS France Videoconference 10/18/2000
France Videoconference 11/15/2000

Mike Heller, CHSS Videoconference 10/25/2000

Dr. Barbara Nagel, Video Conference w/ West Milford School District 12/12/2000

OIT, PBS Satellite Downlink/"Control, Conflict and Courseware” 2/8/2001

Math/NJECC, Barbara Laudacina, Videoconference with Fairlawn Elementary School 3/5/2001

Esmelda Abreu, SDCL, PBS Satellite Downlink: Women 2000 – 4/5/2001

John O’Brien, OIT/NJEDGE ISDN/IDLS Videoconference for VRG 6/13/2001

Robert McCormick DYFS Grant: 6 Videoconference courses/90 classes with Burlington Community College Fall 2001, Spring 2002 & Summer 2002.

John O’Brien, OIT/NJEDGE DLAAB: Videoconference – Corporate Perspectives on Distance Learning 10/12/2001

Dean Hunt/OIT Satellite Downlink “Surviving and Thriving in Your First Online Course” 10/18/2001

John O’Brien, OIT/NJEDGE Education Series: Best Practices in Managing Campus Networks 11/14/2001

Dr. Dina Rosen, CEHS: Videoconference - Earlier Childhood program with Fairlawn Elementary School 11/28/2001

Dr. Marina Cunningham/CEHS Videoconference with U.S. Embassy in Kiev and Iowa State University 1/14/2002

Dr. Dina Rosen, CEHS: Satellite Downlink – Catalise Project 1/29/2002

Dr. Dina Rosen, CEHS: Satellite Downlink – Catalise Project 3/5/2002

John O’Brien, OIT/NJEDGE DLAAB Colloquium: “K-12/Higher Education Cooperative Project 3/8/2002

Dr. Dina Rosen, CEHS: Videoconference with Paula Danziger (World famous Children’s author) & Fairlawn Elementary School 3/26/2002

John O’Brien, OIT: PBS Satellite Downlink – Evaluating Online Courses 4/12/2002

Dr. Dina Rosen, CEHS: Satellite Downlink – Catalise Project 4/16/2002

President Cole, Videoconference 4/29/2002

Fall 2002

Robert McCormick’s 2 videoconference courses with Burlington Community College on Child Advocacy/DYFS will continue every Tuesday in the Fall of 2002

MaryJo Belinski's Allied Health course with Brookdale Community College in the Fall of 2002