Sharp MFD Pricing

The Sharp Multifunctional Device (MFD) program was instituted by Montclair State University in December 2013 and offers state 48-month lease pricing for all Sharp MFD's.  All devices come standard with 11x17 paper option, fax expansion kit, inner finisher and datasecurity kit and etc.   Montclair State University has standardized in the the following models:

Black and White Models

ModelMonthly Page
OverageAnnual CostNotes
MX-M264N 3,500 $0.01050 $1,754.76  
MX-M363N (Basic) 7,500 $0.00600 $2,174.16  
MX-M363N (Adv) 7,500 $0.00600 $2,241.96 1,000 Sheet Paper Feed
(2x500 page drawers) 
MX-M453N(Basic) 12,000 $0.00600 $2,523.36   
MX-M453N(Adv) 12,000 $0.00600 $2,591.16 1,000 Sheet Paper Feed 
(2x500 page drawers) 
MX-M503N(Basic) 20,000 $0.00600 $3,411.96  
MX-M503N(Adv) 20,000 $0.00600 $3,682.92

1,000 Sheet Paper Feed 
(2x500 page drawers) 
Paper Pass Unit
Stacking Finisher

MX-M623N 30,000 $0.00500 $4,447.56  

 Color Models

ModelMonthly Page
Monthly Page


Annual CostNotes
MX3140  3,750 7,500  $0.0560/$0.00950  $3,828.72  
MX4141 12,000 6,000 $0.00950/$0.05600 $5,702.64 1,000 Sheet Paper Feed 
(2x500 page drawers) 
MX5141 20,000 10,000 $0.00950/$0.05600 $7,582.44 1,000 Sheet Paper Feed 
(2x500 page drawers) 

 Additional Costs

Drivve License This license allows you to email and Scan to Network/Home Drive from the MFD $247.14
USB Reader All devices are equipped with a USB Reader to allow for easy authentication to the device $177.86
PaperCut License The Sharp OSA license that allows the MFD to interact with PaperCut.  Covers 4 year warranty   $246.00

 All costs will be moved permanently from the department fund into the central Sharp MFD fund.