Why Now?

Our current administrative tools and practices have been in place for almost 30 years. That's a long time!  Operating with outdated systems means:

  • Current systems have not kept up with the University's expansion and cannot be made to support the University's growth and emerging business needs.
  • Obtaining management information is difficult and time consuming.
  • Workarounds and labor-intensive efforts are often required to perform basic university business functions.
  • Core administrative functions are performed by separate and often redundant systems.
  • Business process improvement cannot be readily supported by the current platforms.
  • Systems are nearing technological obsolescence.
  • There are added risks of recovery from business interruptions due to the lack of skilled workers knowledgeable about the platforms.

Higher education has seen significant advancements in business systems and technology in the past three decades. OneMontclair gives us the opportunity to review our current business processes, gather input, and make improvements that will best serve the University, and enhance productivity and efficiency for those who utilize the systems and services.