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Used to configure landing page.

Performs similar to Workday icon above.

Initiate/ Initiation / Initiation Step:
An initiation step is the first step of a business process.

My Workday:
The My Workday landing page displays a grid of worklets such as Inbox and My Requests. You should enable My Workday only for administrator and professional roles, not for Employee Self Service or Manager Self Service. Workday recommends that you keep the number of worklets on My Workday to a minimum. The number of worklets on My Workday affects display performance.

Notification / Notify:
When designated participants in a business process, with a defined role in this type of event, receive notice that an action has occurred. (This may or may not trigger an out-of-system action.)

Related Actions Button:
See Twinkie.

Red Asterisk:
Indicates a required field.

Roles define a group of people with specific responsibilities and permissions. When a business process runs, the role for each step includes all of the workers in that role in the business process target organization.

a) Indicating a category allows you target your search
b) Search prefixes allow you to narrow your results (org:, bp:, worker:, ?

A business process step that you must complete. For example, task alert notifications are triggered by steps in a business process.

To-Dos are reminders to do something outside of the Workday system. They can be part of business processes, and have to be marked complete before the workflow will go to the next step.

See Related Actions button.The orange button with three dots that opens an action item dropdown. It is located next to the workers name.

Workday Icon:
Located top and center. Click here to return to the Workday default landing page. This provides a consolidated view to display worklets to give access and perform tasks.

A person who is either an employee hired by a company or a contingent worker contracted by a company.

Icons located on landing page used to provide quick access to the functionality indicated by the name in the icon.

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