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Update 14/8: Campus will be closed December 26, 2016, through January 2, 2017, for the holiday break.  Due to the break, there will be a shortened deadline for time entry period December 10-December 23, 2016...Read more

Update 12/8: Workday Hire Process for Adjuncts, Temporary and Student Works OPEN LABS! COME AND ASK questions specific to Workday's Hire Process for Adjuncts, Temporary and Student Workers...Read more

Update 12/5: Workday Hire Process for Adjuncts, Temporary and Student Workers begins!
All adjunct, temporary and student workers hired, will be directly entered into Workday by departments starting Thursday, December 1, 2016...Read more

Update 11/21: Workday now emails you a Daily Report of ALL your transactions in the system. These include: Payment Elections (Direct Deposit)
& Personal Information Changes....Read more

Update 10/28: Workday Hire Process Training:
All adjunct, temporary and student workers hired for the Spring 2017 Semester must be directly entered into Workday by departments beginning December 1st....Read more

Update 10/5: Download Workday Mobile App:
Don't forget that Workday is also available on mobile. Access Workday from anywhere!  Enter your hours, review your pay stub and much more! Three easy-steps to follow...Read more

Update 09/30: Workday News and Events!:
No need to come to HR offices! You now do these actions in Workday! No more paper forms! Plus, changes are in real-time! In addition, there is no need to submit a canceled check or deposit slip... Read more

Update 09/15: Workday Time Entry Demo for Student Workers:
Come watch a demonstration of Time Entry in Workday for Student Workers. Changing contact information and direct deposit will also be shown. Q & A to follow... Read more

Update 09/2: Workday Time Entry Due Friday 9/2 by 7PM EDT:
The timesheet approval deadline for this pay period is on the Labor Day holiday, Monday, September 5. All timesheets must be completed AND approved by the deadline... Read more

Update 08/18: Workday Time Entry Due Friday 8/19 by 7PM:
As a reminder, this is the last "Summer Hours" pay period so please do not forget to submit your time for the period August 6 through August 19 by 7PM on Friday August 19... Read more

Update 08/15: New Training Worklet in Workday!:
Take a moment to visit your Workday homepage and look around the new worklet. You will find links to the following Learning Resources...Read more

Update 08/04: TimeKeeper "Out of the Office":
As a reminder, please utilize the “Delegation” process and choose someone who can approve time entry/time off, when you are unable to approve in a timely manner... Read more

Update 08/02: Helpful Hint for: Temporary & Students with multiple positions:
Be sure to select the correct position using the "Position" drop down when entering hours worked...Read more