25 Live

25Live is a fully web-enabled, institution-wide scheduling and calendaring solution. 25Live manages the scheduling of classes and events, allowing authorized users to search for and request or book times, venues, and resources on the web.

25Live is currently LIVE! Student organizations can access 25Live through HawkSync. Faculty and staff can schedule events by accessing 25Live at https://25live.collegenet.com/montclair

Starting Wednesday 12/7, the following updates have been implemented or improved:

Event Wizard

  • Files (up to 25mb) can now be uploaded and attached directly within the Event Wizard (SaaS only)
  • The Next button no longer displays on last screen
  • Default event states are now limited to Draft, Tentative, and Confirmed when creating new events
  • When saving an event as Cancelled or Denied, location/resource assigments are no longer checked.
  • Cleaned up display of end time/date for typical events unless display is necessary for events that span midnight
  • For ease of use, the Wizard now pre-populates the "Repeats" on day for events with a weekly recurrence pattern
  • Improved clarity of language and display for repeating events
  • The Wizard now prevents users from editing details of excluded occurrences. 

Written Instructions 25Live: How to create Events25Live: Training Manual

Questions? View our 25Live FAQs section

Training is available! Vist the Student Systems Classroom Events page

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