“Degree Works™ provides a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit, and transfer articulation tools to help students and their advisors negotiate curriculum requirements. Transfer articulation support helps staff and students determine how coursework from other institutions is assessed and applied at yours. It allows students (and administrators) to view their progress towards a degree. On screen or in the form of print out, it lists all of the student’s requirements including: courses taken, courses currently being taken, skills assessment tests, transfer credits, "What If" audit when considering changing major, more timely degree certification, better retention and improved transfer recruitment.”

The Degree Works degree auditing system is LIVE!


  • Students don’t waste time and money on unnecessary courses or stress about graduating on time
  • Advisors have more time to provide insightful advice that supports better student outcomes
  • Institutions can monitor course demand and offer the right classes at the right time
  • Simplified transfer articulation eliminates the manual processes associated with transcripts, so approvals are faster and students are more likely to choose your campus (Phase 2)
  • Student Educational Plan (Phase 2)

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Extra Help?

  • If you are an undergraduate student and have questions about your degree audit, please contact your academic advisor.
  • If you an undergraduate student and you aren’t sure who your academic advisor is, you can find this information at the top of your Degree Works audit. If no academic advisor is listed in this space and you have a major, please contact your academic department. If you do not yet have a major, please contact the Center for Advising & Student Transitions (CAST) at 973-655-7114 or If you are in a special program, please contact that department for assistance.
  • If you are a Graduate student having trouble with your Degree Works audit, you can contact your Graduate Program Coordinator or the Graduate School at 973-655-5147 or

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