Weekly Updates

Update 1/11-NEST Mobile has arrived
Montclair State NEST Mobile is our University’s newest app available for iOS and Android devices. The new app makes it possible to view what you would in “desktop” NEST and more...Read more

Update 11/7-Student Services New & Events
Follow us on twitter, Faculty Spring Registration online resources & Upcoming Training...Read more

Update 10/25-Attendance Verification Open-Labs available
Starting October 25! Come ask questions, and get help using the new online tool for Attendance Verification, formerly known as Enrollment Verification...Read more

Update 9/22-Attendance Verification Hotline available
Please call the Hotline x3761 today or tomorrow if you need any assistance with Attendance Verification.  By federal regulation, your students cannot receive their financial aid unti...Read more

Update 9/12-Action requested: New online tool for Attendance Verification
This year Montclair State University is introducing a new online tool for Attendance Verification formerly known as Enrollment Verification...Read more

Update 9/8-Internet Native Banner: Additional Training sessions available!
Listed below are the additional dates & description of each session that have been added. To register click on a date and enter your MSU NetID and Password...Read more

Update 9/7-Degree Works is Here-New and Improved
NEST continues to grow.  On September 1, Degree Works was launched with additional functionality and now includes academic records for all continuing undergraduate and graduate students, as well as new freshmen and transfers.....Read more

Update 9/7-Change in Degree Works Audit Function
Rather than referring all users to the degreeaudit@montclair.edu address, the header now instead refers people with questions to the FAQ link within the audit itself or to their advisor....Read more

Update 9/6-Essential Faculty Guide to Self-Service BANNER
Essential Faculty guide to Self-Service Banner is another explanation you need for transition to the new BANNER systems. It tells you everything necessary to open your classes and find essential information on all your students....Read more