What to expect in 2017?

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What occured in 2016?

The New Student System has served the Student Administrative Life-Cycle for Incoming Fall 2016 students in the following areas:

  • Recruiting and Admitting New and Transfer Students
  • Awarding and Disbursing of Student Financial Aid
  • Degree Auditing and Advising for New, Transfer and Continuing Students
  • Registering, Grading, and Verifying Attendance, beginning with Fall 2016 semester
  • Assessing fees and tuition for Student Billing and Receiving Payments

What to expect in in 2017?

Continued process improvements and efficiencies across all areas including, but not limited to, Admissions Offices, Center for Advising and Student Transitions, Student Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounts.

  • Ellucian Mobile, January 2017
  • International Student and Scholar Management, January 2017
  • EDI Smart for electronic Incoming and Outgoing Academic Transcripts, January 2017
  • TouchNet Cashiering, February 2017
  • Student Retention & Performance Reporting, April 2017
  • Degree Works Student Educational Planner, June 2017
  • CourseLeaf Curriculum Management, September 2017

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