Q:How will OneMontclair affect my work?

A:The new systems will have far more technological capabilities than the current systems, some of which have been in place for nearly three decades. The new software will allow the University and its customers to work more efficiently and effectively. Before implementation, some processes will be examined to determine what can be improved to allow for smoother and smarter workflow within the new systems. While the functions you perform may stay the same, the way you perform them will change for the better.

Q:What training will I receive on the new systems?

A:Every member of our campus community will participate in the implementation of the project and will receive thorough and ample training on the new systems.

Q:If my area is not involved in the current activities to implement Budget and Planning, Finance, Human Resource Management, or Student Services, how can I be sure that the administrative processes related to my work are considered as OneMontclair goes forward?

A:An Executive Committee that represents every area of the University is overseeing the Project and will ensure that activities within their areas are considered as we move forward. In addition, eight teams have been created, each with a team leader, to ensure a smooth transition regarding all new processes and procedures. Each area will also have the opportunity to participate in a “hands on” development phase of the system.

Q:How will the transition from the current systems to the new systems be handled?

A:A Legacy System, Migration Strategy and Software Integration team has been created to keep the current systems operating until a complete transition can be achieved.

Q:How can I stay informed about the project?

A:The OneMontclair website is the go-to place for all information regarding the Project. In addition, email announcements and newsletters will be used to share important, timely information.

Q:Who do we contact with questions and concerns?  

A:Please e-mail to onemontclair@mail.montclair.edu ,including your name and e-mail address. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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