PeopleSoft FMS Q&A Sessions

*Addressed to all users who have attended training sessions on PeopleSoft FMS*

Dear FMS Users,

After having worked with our new FMS system over the past few months, some of you have expressed the desire for additional workshops to address questions regarding navigating the system or our underlying business processes.  At your request, we are scheduling a number of Q&A sessions over the next two weeks, organized by topic and by organizational units.  Please register for any of these sessions at

The schedule of Q&A sessions follows.  You are encouraged to attend one or more depending on the nature of your questions.  You are also encouraged to register for the session(s) that will focus on your School or Division; however, if you cannot make that time, you are welcome to join an alternative session addressing that topic.  All sessions will be held at University Hall, 5009.

AP & Suppliers – for those individuals with questions as to the business processes and procedures around check requests, invoice payments, getting a new supplier added to the PeopleSoft system, and updating Supplier information within the system:

Thursday – Oct 15th                1:00-3:00         CEHS, CSAM, Grad School, Provost Office 

Monday – Oct 19th                 11:00-1:00       CHSS, CART, SBUS, Library

Wednesday – Oct 21st              2:30-4:30        Administrative Divisions


Purchasing – Procurement issues will be addressed, including questions around creation and management of requisitions, receiving goods/services, and return to vendor policies:

Friday – Oct 16th                    10:00-12:00     CHSS, CART, SBUS, Library

Tuesday – Oct 20th                  9:00-11:00       Administrative Divisions

Friday – Oct 23rd                     10:00-12:00     CEHS, CSAM, Grad School, Provost Office


Budgets – information around budgets and transfers as well as the Chart of Accounts will be discussed:

Friday – Oct 16th                    1:30-3:30         Administrative Divisions

Tuesday – Oct 20th                 1:00-3:00         CEHS, CSAM, Grad School, Provost Office

Monday – Oct 26th                 9:00-11:00       CHSS, CART, SBUS, Library


Grants – PI sessions to discuss questions on grants and projects, and overall issues with the processing of financial data in these areas:

Monday – Oct 19th                 9:00-11:00       CEHS, CSAM, Grad School, Provost Office

Wednesday – Oct 21st            9:00-11:00       CHSS, CART, SBUS, Library


Again, please register for any of these sessions at .  Instructions to register are as follows:

Log in using your NetID and password.
Click on Search Courses, then select Search by Category.
Select PeopleSoft FMS Q&A Sessions from the category drop down.
Select the desired Q&A session from the course drop down.
Click on the check box next to the course session name and then click Register.

You should see a page that displays the workshop(s) you are registered for which also allows you to print a confirmation or cancel the registration. In addition, an email confirming the registration should be sent within a few minutes of registration. 


We hope you find the FMS Q&A sessions useful, and we will look for your feedback.

Finance, IT and the OneMontclair Team