Fall '16 Registration Help & Guide

10 easy steps and troubleshooting questions answered!

Did you see Rocky around campus last week in his NEST handing out 10 easy steps to register for class this fall? If not - here it is now!

10 Easy Steps To Register:

  1. See your advisor! (mandatory for some, suggested for all)
  2. Log in to NEST (montclair.edu/nest) and navigate to the "Register For Classes" page
  3. Find your Registration Time under Registration Tools
  4. Take care of any HOLDS if necessary
  5. View University Course Schedule/Look Up Classes
  6. Search for available courses
  7. Gather appropriate Course Record Numbers (CRN’s)
  8. Select Register for Class/Add or Drop (students who were given a mandatory registration PIN will be prompted here)
  9. Enter CRN’s & Submit Changes
  10. Congrats! You just registered for class via NEST!

Before You Register

Confirm Some Information Starting Today!

Starting today, you will be prompted to verify some information and accept some terms before you can look up classes or register. Please try to verify this information prior to registering to speed up your registration process. You can find links to updating your permanent address and emergency contacts under the "Register For Classes" page on NEST. You will be prompted to accept these terms when using the "Look Up Classes" or "Register for classes/ add or drop" hyperlinks on NEST.

You will be prompted to:

  • Add an emergency contact (if you do not have one listed already).
  • Verify your permanent address and emergency contacts.
  • Accept the Statement of Financial Obligation.
  • Accept the Title IV Authorization.

Help! I Need Somebody!

Your path to building a class schedule may include a roadblock or you may have questions that you need help answering - support services are in place to support you throughout this process! 

What If...

Just in case you have a problem, view this list of actions:

Log In Problems
You are receiving an authentication failed message on NEST?
  • Try closing your browser, reopening it and navigate to NEST.
  • If you are navigating to NEST from a bookmark, you may not be able to log in.
  • Try clearing the cache on your browser and trying to log in again.
You have a registration hold that you cleared?
  • Double-check to see if that hold is still in WESS. If it is not, contact the Student Accounts Office at 973-655-4105.

PIN Prompted
You are being prompted with a PIN when trying to register?

  • Some students are required to see their advisor before registration. Once you see your advisor they will give you the PIN.
  • If you aren't required to meet with your advisor and do not need a PIN but are seeing this message, contact the Office of the Registrar at 973-655-4376.

You Get A "Institutional Financial Aid" Screen
You click the link to register and are being prompted with “Institutional Financial Aid” login screen?

  • Clear your browser cache, close your browser and reopen then try logging in and registering again.
  • If you are still having this issue, contact the IT Service Desk at 973-655-7971 or nest@mail.montclair.edu
Prerequisite Error
You are receiving a prerequisite error for a class that you have fulfilled the prerequisites for?
  • If you have fulfilled the requirements for taking this particular course, contact the Office of the Registrar at 973-655-4376.
Log Out
Don't forget to log out of NEST when you are done using it, especially on a public computer.

Summer Session 2016
Registration for Summer Sessions remains on WESS.