Another OneMontclair Milestone: The New 2016 University Catalog Is Live

And It’s Mobile!


A New, Redesigned University Catalog

The Montclair State University catalog has been updated for the 2016 academic year. Using the power of a new system, the catalog is easier to navigate, easier to read and most importantly, mobile friendly!

 View the new catalog.

What’s New?

The new University catalog has been reimagined to help you quickly and easily find the curricula of your preference.

These new features include:

  • An easy-to-follow, organized view of all College and Schools along with their corresponding Programs of Study.
  • An alphabetical view of all programs the University offers.
  • A section dedicated to all of the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree requirements including General Education Requirements, University Writing Requirements and World Language and Cultures Requirements.
  • An easy-to-use search feature native to the University catalog helping you quickly find your area of interest.
  • The ability to print any page at any time throughout the entire course catalog.
  • A completely mobile-responsive design ensuring that you can quickly and easily navigate the University catalog on your mobile device or tablet.


For questions and comments about the new University Catalog, please email