Change in Degree Works Audit Function

(Provost's Update)


TO ALL DESIGNATED FACULTY AND PROGRAM ADVISORS (Who Have Been Trained in Degree Works and are using it for student degree audits):

Please be advised that the header message at the top of the Degree Works degree audit has been changed:  Students are no longer directed to email their questions to
Rather than referring all users to the address, the header now instead refers people with questions to the FAQ link within the audit itself or to their advisor. 

While most of the questions coming to this account from students have been questions seeking academic advice, rather than technical degree audit questions, there have been some technical issues raised.  If the advisor does receive a technical question from a student
(e.g., if an incorrect course appears, or a course is missing) they should email that question to  
Please share this email address with advisors, department administrators, and anyone who will be working in the command center in Webster Hall during the add/drop period (which ends on 9/14/16).

A few points to be aware of:

  • Degree Works audits are much easier to read than the former Analysis of Academic Progress, but they are structured very differently, so the audits may not match exactly. In comparing audits in WESS and Degree Works, remember that Fall 2016 courses will not show on the Analysis of Academic Progress.  As long as requirements are being filled in Degree Works in an acceptable category, matching across systems should not be a problem.
  • If a student has requested to "opt out" of Directory information (per FERPA) this will be reflected under the "Confidential Flag" on the top portion of the audit. If you see this indicator, the student is requesting his attendance to be "hidden" and therefore you may not discuss his attendance with anyone. (NOTE: All student education records are confidential, and you may not discuss them with anyone but the student except under certain circumstances. See
  • Most summer grades are still showing "IN" and are not showing as fulfilling degree requirements. Some summer courses have not been brought over as well. This was necessary in order to migrate data from the legacy system, and will be resolved with the next migration in October (exact date TBD)
  • New transfer students are likely to see their spring transfer grades with a grade of "TIP," even if the students have submitted updated transcripts. Undergraduate Admissions will shortly begin the process of reevaluating and updating these transfer grades, but this process may take some time. Occasionally, as Admissions is working on this process, students' transfer work will temporarily disappear. It will reappear once the evaluation process is complete. Specific questions can be directed to Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Students will not be able to register for courses that have a prerequisite or corequisite of a course for which they have a grade of TIP. Departments can issue authorizations for these courses if they deem it appropriate.
  • The GPA showing in the major block of the degree audit in Degree Works is the GPA of courses appearing in that block only, along with any courses in an associated concentration block.  This GPA is not identical to the major GPA that is found on the Analysis of Academic Progress, as it does not take into consideration any course in which the student either failed, failed to meet the minimum grade requirement, or those additional courses that are not required as part of the program but are within the major department. Note, due to the last conversion of grades, these GPAs in Banner/Degree Works may not be accurate until late October.
  • Courses falling into the "Courses not being used for this program" area of the degree audit are still counting towards the student's credit total, but they are in excess of the credits required for the student's program. Courses in the category of free electives do not fill specific requirements, but do go towards the 120 credits required for graduation.
  • Departments should continue to fill out credit adjustmentsfor course exceptions, substitutions and waivers and changes of major/minor etc. The registrar's office will then process those exceptions.Incoming students who have not yet registered for classes and wish to change majors can contact Undergraduate Admissions for review. If they have already registered for classes, they should speak with an advisor and fill out a change of major form in the department housing the major of interest.
  • Applications for graduation are now received ONLY through the online "Apply to Graduate" link in NEST. If a student has successfully applied, you will see it posted under "Graduation Application Status" in the top portion of the audit.

Please direct questions about transfer credits to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
Please direct questions about credit adjustments, graduation status, major or program changes to the Office of the Registrar:

Degree Works training continues to be available at the TTI site:

If the degree audit does not seem to be functioning properly, please email