Action requested: New online tool for Attendance Verification

(Sent on behalf of the Provost)

Dear Instructional Staff:


The U.S Department of Education requires colleges to confirm that a student has enrolled before they can receive federal student aid funds.


This year Montclair State University is introducing a new online tool for Attendance Verification formerly known as Enrollment Verification. This new tool is easily accessible via a link through NEST.  (NEST/Faculty Resources/Attendance Verification) You will be required to complete the process of attendance verification ONCE for each student in your courses. The data submitted will be received directly by the Financial Aid Office.


The tool is now available in NEST. This process should be completed between September 14th  and 20th for the appropriate courses to ensure the prompt distribution of financial aid.  If your course does not begin until mid-semester, please complete the process as soon as possible after the start date. Please refer to the following job aids if you need assistance using the application:

Your assistance with this process is greatly appreciated to ensure that needy students receive their financial aid funds.