Attendance Verification Open-Labs available!

Starting October 25!


Dear Instructional Staff:

Come ask questions, and get help using the new online tool for Attendance Verification, formerly known as Enrollment Verification.

You will be required to complete the process of attendance verification ONCE for each student in your courses. Don't miss out, open-labs start tomorrow!

Starting Tuesday, October 25 thru Friday, October 28

  • Time & Location: 12:00-1:00p.m. at University Hall Room UN5011
  • Target Audience: Instructional Staff
  • No registration is required
Please note that your assistance with the process of attendance verification is greatly appreciated to ensure that needy students receive their financial aid funds.

If you have already completed Attendance Verification for your students, please disregard this message.

Thank you for your continued support of the OneMontclair Program.