President's Message

Dr. Susan Cole

Welcome to OneMontclair, a campus-wide initiative that is focused on improving the way we work – day in and day out – in meeting the dynamic needs of our campus community.  The goals of OneMontclair are to optimize the way we conduct our administrative operations and to find ways of using technology to perform our daily functions more effectively and more efficiently.

OneMontclair is one of the top 10 strategic initiatives for our University—because of the scale of its organizational impacts, because of the benefits it will produce for the entire University, and because of the platform it will provide for achieving many of the other key initiatives in our Strategic Plan. OneMontclair is an opportunity for us to rethink our existing processes and then make the necessary changes so we are more customer-friendly, more outcome-focused, and more strategic in our operations and use of technology across the campus.

As with any transformational initiative of OneMontclair’s magnitude, there will be many challenges in the days ahead and times where we will have to advance together through periods of transformation.  Since the overall success of OneMontclair will be a direct result of the combined commitment of our knowledge, ideas, time and efforts, I hope that you will join me in being an advocate for this crucial initiative and in helping others to understand its value and importance to the future of our University. 


Susan A. Cole