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Alumni Spotlight: Michael Padilla

Michael Padilla graduated from Montclair State University with an MA in Educational Leadership. He currently works as Assistant Director of Technology Media Services for Upper Saddle River School District.

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What led you to study in the Educational Leadership MA Program at Montclair State University?
 I researched several masters programs for Educational Leadership and while the Montclair State program certainly looked strong, the main reason I chose MSU was the great communication.  I felt that this communication spoke well of their program and was pleased to find that this was true.

What were/are your career objectives?
My primary career objective going into this program was to eventually earn a position as a Technology Supervisor/Director.

How has/does the program at Montclair support your career objectives?
I’m proud to say that I am now an Assistant Director of Technology and a huge reason for this is the quality of the program at MSU.

How have you/are you using what you have learned?

From maintaining communication with all shareholders, to having a vision, to understanding a school budget and doing action research, I’ve used something from every course I took at MSU.

What is life like “after Montclair”?
Life is great!  I’ve stayed in contact with one of the greatest professors and his support has been a driving factor in my career success.

What are you doing now (i.e., have you made a career change or advanced in your career)?
Two years after graduating from MSU, I’ve moved on to become an Assistant Director of Technology Media Services for Upper Saddle River School District.

Did/does the program meet your expectations?
Yes, the program met my expectations.  I went in hoping to gain a stronger understanding of what to expect as an educational administrator.  Prior to graduating I was still on the fence as to whether or not this was something that I wanted to pursue.  The program gave me a sense of direction and a vision for my current career.

What kind of support did you receive from faculty and staff?
All of the professors were very informative and helpful during my time as a student.  Their ongoing communication was very much appreciated.  After graduating, I stayed in contact with several of the professors.  

Thinking about your experiences with the program at Montclair, what did you like most?
I had so many professors who were not only excellent and personable teachers, but were able to share a wealth of experiences as educational administrators.  Their stories and advice were the most memorable part of my experience at MSU.

If applicable to you, how would you describe your experiences with the “online” aspect of the program?
The online aspect of the program was well done and engaging.  Whether through doing live online discussions, reading and responding on discussion boards, or online presentations & more, it was a well thought-out and solid experience.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences in the program?
The guidance and support I’ve received from MSU, both as a student and as an alumni, has been invaluable.