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The Founding of NASO

In January 2001, Kwaku Amo began a thorough search for the foundation of an all African student organization. Kwaku’s enthusiasm and idea was well received by the first four colleagues that he contacted. These four students energetically joined Kwaku in his quest. After a period of researching, this fantastic five drafted a constitution and adopted a name.

The next challenge that they encountered was the recruitment of members. All African Students at MSU were invited to meet and discuss issues concerning the continent of Africa as well as topics concerning African descendants in America.

By March 2001, the number of people attending the meetings had greatly increased. At first these meetings were unofficial; however, by the end of that month the paper work was completed and the legislature of the Student Government Association passed a bill that recognized the Native African Student Organization (NASO) as a Class III organization. NASO continues to strive to further the path that the founding five constructed. Our ultimate goal is to not only increase in quantity, but in quality as well.

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NASO is a Class II Organization of the SGA.

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Native African Student Organization
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