Amy Salas

Scroll Number: 41
Hometown: Hazlet, NJ
Major: Psychology
Interests: Music, movies, cats, animation
Pledge Class: Beta
Favorite AIX Memory: Too many good times to pick just one. 
Big: Terry Marco
Littles: Hillary Pfeffer and Carol Flexon
Sister Update: Currently living in a townhouse in Manalapan with John and my two cats.  Moving to a house in the spring across town. Getting married 10/29/05, and yes, it's for the first time. I get that a lot because I am 39! It took me a while to find someone worth marrying. I met John in '97 and we are finally tying the knot. Worked as an analyst for For Motor Co. for 7 years but they closed last year. I am an office manager for the construction company that is knocking the place down.  That job is almost done so I'll be looking for a new job, post-wedding. I'm sorry I lost touch for so long. I loved AIX. What a great time in my life!

AIX is a Class IV Organization of the SGA - Local Undergraduate Organization


   Montclair State University
   Montclair, NJ 07043, USA

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