Eileen Sherry

Scroll Number: 220
Hometown: Ringwood, NJ
Major: Early Childhood Education with a minor in Psychology
Interests: Music, the environment, hiking, pool, chilling with my AIX girlies, photo hunt, canoeing, the ocean, singing, cold water, driving, hugging trees, the city, watching football, sportscenter, hanging out with friends, seeing live music, oil pastels and new experiences.
Pledge Class: Alpha Rho
Favorite AIX Memory: Dancing with Kathy in the Red Hawk Diner with the cook to Fat Joe, Alex's many layers, Jenn's never-ending AIX wardrobe, writing in a second language for my special Little and trying to remember to spell MY name wrong for Ei to the right (Love you Little!), lunch in the SC with Lauren and Tinkerbell, soooo many trips to AC Moore with so many people, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" Talent show, and hopefully more to come!
Big: Jessica Shackil
Little: Eilleen Ramirez

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