Suzanne Thompson

Scroll Number: 178
Interests: cars, gardening, home improvement, music
Pledge Class: Phi

Sister Update: I am currently a Service Advisor at a Honda Dealership in North Plainfield. I love Hondas and have driven them for 13 years now. If you have a Honda, I can help you! I am currently quitting smoking after 21 years. My father currently resides in North Carolina and he is retired. I visit him every Christmas. My mother died when I was active in AIX 8 years ago. I miss her every day. I was recently given my dream car for free, a 1977 Porsche 930 (911 turbo). I was trying to start it and it misfired trough the intake and caught the fuel lines on fire. YES I FREAKED! I did have an extinguishers and put it out before serious damage was done. That's one moment that is funny now but wasn't then...I am still 'psycho' and will always be. I miss my pledge sisters as when my mother passed my life changed forever, and I lost touch with them, not intentionally. I will never forget how all the sisters came to my mother's wake - like 30 women all there for me - still makes me misty. I was so grateful for what AIX gave me - strength to carry me when I needed it the most. My website is I hope everyone is well! Go AIX!

AIX is a Class IV Organization of the SGA - Local Undergraduate Organization


   Montclair State University
   Montclair, NJ 07043, USA

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