psyc scholars 
MPS is a class III Organization of the SGA Inc.

      Where Culture Meets Psychology

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Notice: Our events are now held in UN 3008,
from 2:30 -3:30 P.M

"... A broader definition of culture opens the door for multiple ties of human connectedness."
- Celia Falicov

Our Mission:
The purpose of this organization is to be a source of information and support to all psychology students at Montclair State University, to aid in the recruitment and retention of multicultural psychology students in order to prepare psychologists and other professionals who will be effective in a diverse, multicultural society.  To accomplish this mission, the Multicultural Psychology Scholars is committed to fostering an environment in which psychology students are encouraged to become leaders in the field, who recognize that substantial efforts must be made to ensure high-quality training for all psychologists and other professionals.  This organization seeks the involvement of MSU students, faculty, alumni, and those involved in promoting equity in the field of psychology.