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On September 22, 1979, on the campus of Montclair State College, Gamma Omicron Zeta Chapter of Newark, New Jersey, Soror Laverne Copper (1st Advisor), and 15 young, enthusiastic, and dedicated women chartered the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
These ladies were:

1.Paulette Wilson 2.Sharon James 3.Marcey Fairley 4.Delmaire Wiggins
5.Shelly Watkins 6.Lynne Henderson 7.Monique Johnson 8.Sharon Byrd
9.Ada Jackson 10.Cynthia Rojas 11.Karen Wood 12.Deborah Johnson
13.Latifa McDaniels 14.Pamela Price 15.Gail Price

April 21, 1990 the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter added an additional school to their charter. That school was William Paterson College. Because Zeta has grown tremendously in the last few decades, William Paterson University has since branched off and developed their own chapter. Since the fall of 1979, the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter has inducted many young women who focus on the dreams and ideals of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. As of March 2004, the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter has inducted 91 young women into the chapter.At the 1996 International Boule held in Dallas, Texas, the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter won its first International Award for the Best Undergraduate Chapter Report, completed by Soror Stacey Banfield (fall 94). At the 2000 International Boule in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of Xi Iota former members, Soror Jorelle S. Green (fall 94), won an award for the 1st and only undergraduate member to donate $300.00 to the National Capital Campaign at the Grand Boule of 1996. Xi Iota Chapter was also awarded the best chapter scrapbook at the New Jersey State Conference of 2001.The Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter has done many community service projects that they are very proud of. Campus clean-ups, childcare center volunteerism, and tutorial study groups are just a few of the programs that the Everlasting Xi Iota Chapter has been apart of.Former Xi Iota members to hold the position of advisor for this chapter are Soror Sharon Pearce (sp.85) and Soror Jorelle S. Green-Smith (fall 94).

The current members of the chapter are: Lorraine Nwaoko (Sp. 04) President, Françoise Legrand (Sp. 04) Vice President, Lawanda Bynum (Sp. 04) Secretary, Bayyana Hill (Sp. 04) Treasurer, Ajira Ali (Sp. 03) Phylacter/Sargeant at Arms, and Ruth Johnson (Sp. 03) Publicist.

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