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Tech Tools


Canvas is a simple learning management system that is easy to use and navigate. It is used as an extension of your learning outside of the classroom. Many of your instructors will use Canvas for your courses.

By using Canvas, instructors and students will be able to do the following:

  • Send important course updates (changes in due dates, class cancellations, etc.)
  • Send private messages through the Canvas Messaging System
  • Post and submit assignments
  • Post lecture notes, PowerPoint, multimedia files and other course materials
  • Participate in discussion boards
  • Take online quizzes and surveys
  • Post grades and more

With Canvas you will be automatically enrolled in those courses you have registered for. This includes receiving emails and content from the faculty. Additionally, you will have the option of linking various accounts (text messaging, Twitter, etc.) so that you receive notifications through those mediums.

You can opt to receive text alerts when important updates/ announcements are sent for your classes or you have assignments due. You can also control what types of updates you receive and how often you receive them. If you want to stay even more connected, there is a free Canvas app for your smartphone or tablet, available in your app store if you have an iOS or Android-powered device.

Other Canvas Features

Calendar – Record/schedule important dates and events so that you don’t lose track. If your instructor has set your course with this feature, all important dates from your syllabi will be automatically placed on your calendar. If you set your notification settings with text alerts, you will receive text messages regarding these important deadlines. You will never miss an assignment again!

Conferences – Have you ever felt frustrated during a group project because your group was never able to find a common time and place to meet? The Conferences feature is designed to end that frustration. Through the use of Conferences, you can set up online group meetings that use the webcam on your computer to maintain the face-to-face element. The Conferences feature also allows you to upload files directly into your group meeting and share those files with the whole group.

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NEST (Network Engagement and Student Transactions) is the primary gateway for all services provided through student self-service, including advising for degree auditing, fee and tuition real-time payments, “one-click” (single sign-on) access to other applications such as student accounts, your degree audit, registration and more!

What you can find in NEST:

  • Class registration and class searching
  • Course catalog
  • Class schedule
  • Grades
  • Official transcript request
  • Holds
  • Advisor information
  • Financial Aid information, along with a checklist of things you need to do
  • Billing information, as well as the primary method of bill payment
  • HawkSync, best described as the social network for clubs, organizations and events on campus
  • Gmail
  • Canvas

NEST will be essential to help you enroll in classes, take classes, get advising, pay your bill, check your email, and get involved on campus in HawkSync. Be sure to start logging into NEST every day!

NEST Mobile

Montclair State NEST Mobile is our University’s app available for iOS and Android devices. The new app allows you to view what you would in “desktop” NEST and more, all on your compatible smartphone at any time!

There are many great features included in NEST mobile aimed to make your academic life easier to manage.

These features include:

  • An interactive campus map complete with the ability to plot directions to all important buildings on campus
  • The latest Red Hawk News articles including deadline information, campus events and more
  • Access to the campus event calendar with the ability to add any event to your smartphone’s calendar
  • Access to the Academic Calendar
  • Announcements and notifications that can be pushed directly to your phone if notifications are enabled
  • Access to emergency contacts such as University Police and the University Health Center
  • A mobile-friendly faculty directory where you can instantly find contact information for any faculty or staff member
  • Links to HawkSync and Canvas
  • Access to the other applications Montclair State University uses such as Rave Guardian and Rave Alerts
  • Some of the features and functions of Montclair State NEST Mobile require you to log in with your University NetID and password to access

These features include:

  • Access to your course schedule for the current semester along with faculty and room information
  • Access to your final semester grades for fall 2016 and all future semesters
  • Instant access to NEST pages such as Financial Aid and Student Accounts
  • Instant access to Degree Works to view your Academic Audit and past semester grade information

More features will be added to NEST Mobile in the near future based on your feedback. Keep an eye out for communication about these changes!

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Degree Works

Your Degree Works degree audit is a web-based advising tool designed to help you monitor your academic progress towards graduation. It is a review of past, current and “planned” coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree/major/minor/concentration. Your audit is divided into block requirements such as a Degree, General Education and Major Requirements. Each block works like a checklist with boxes that automatically check when a requirement is met.

Log on to NEST to access Degree Works.

Tips for Using Degree Works

What you can see and do on Degree Works:

  • General information to graduate
  • Academic requirements you have remaining for a degree program
  • Academic requirements you have completed or are in progress
  • View grades and academic standing
  • View cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • View transfer credit earned (if any)
  • Forecast a GPA based on presumed academic performance
  • Plan for registration for future semesters
  • Create “what if” audits to model other major degree requirements
  • Look up necessary policies regarding graduation and completion of a degree

For help in using Degree Works, make an appointment during the semester with your academic advisor. Make sure to review your degree audit prior to registration to see what courses you need to complete.

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The online platform, HawkSync, is the hub for student involvement on campus. You can login to HawkSync with your University NetID and password. Best of all, you can already access HawkSync before you come to campus in August.

  • Learn more about each of the 125+ organizations, when their upcoming events are happening and join the organization(s)
  • View many of the departments on campus, what they have to offer, leadership positions they have, upcoming events and ways to get involved
  • Personalize HawkSync – see only what you want to see. Your feed will display only the clubs/organizations/departments that you have joined and/or are following
  • View the calendar of upcoming events – there’s something happening every day!
  • Manage your co-curricular transcript

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Office of Information Technology

The Information Technology Division consists of several departments including the IT Service Desk and the Public Computing Labs. The IT Service Desk acts as the first point of contact for our students for all technology-related matters.

The Office of Information Technology offers support for Canvas, Microsoft Office, wireless and wired network registration, online storage and computer lab services.

Overall, our services include:

  • Virtual Computing Lab that can be used 24/7 from home, vacation and class that will give you access to specific course software
  • The ability to print from your personal laptop to specific black and white and color print “release” stations
  • In-lab use of multi-functional devices that will allow you to copy or scan to a USB or Network share
  • Complimentary training sessions on Microsoft Office, Canvas, Acrobat, etc.
  • Delivery of secure, online file storage for personal files and the ability to create web pages through MSU-Web
  • Support for students on NetID services (i.e., email, Library and the parking website)
  • Registration of laptops and mobile devices to the University Wi-Fi network
  • Troubleshooting viruses and malware for student-owned computers on the network
  • Access to six public computing laboratories, including two laptop lending labs
  • Software discount page for personally owned computers
  • Student employment availability with the IT Service Desk, Public Computing Labs and AV Services

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eAccounts is the online way to manage your Red Hawk Dollar account on campus, but it can help you with so much more! In eAccounts you’re able to not only upload your ID Card photo for orientation, but keep track of your meal plan and Red Hawk Dollar balances and freeze a lost or stolen ID Card.

What you can do with eAccounts:

  • Upload a photo for your University ID Card
  • Check Flex Dollar and Red Hawk Dollar balances
  • Review all transactions made with your University ID Card
  • If you have a block meal plan, view your remaining block balance
  • Make deposits to your Red Hawk Dollar account
  • Freeze lost/stolen ID Cards 24/7

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Want to learn more about the technology services around campus? Check out the Student Services’ Technology page for a compiled list of helpful services including FREE Microsoft Office available to all Montclair State University students!

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