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Campus Life

Life at Montclair State University goes far beyond the reaches of what we can showcase at Orientation. This portion includes additional departments and resources available to you as a student! Here, we’ve highlighted departments we believe you will find interesting, exciting and helpful!

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Active and Healthy Living

Department of Campus Recreation

We offer fun and safe recreational opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, commuters and residents, faculty, staff and alumni of Montclair State University. We have a variety of collaborative recreational offerings, including fitness programs (Group X, personal training), intramural and club sports, special events, off-campus trips, outdoor adventures, aquatic and safety, bike rental program and co-sponsorships.

The Department of Campus Recreation strives to:

  • Be an integral part of the collegiate experience
  • Exceed accepted national standards of quality for programs and services
  • Be responsive to the needs and desires of an ever-changing campus population

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

The Montclair State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics sponsors 18 sports for men and women. These include baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer, softball, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track, women’s cross country, and women’s volleyball. All sports are non-scholarship and compete in Division III of the NCAA.

  • Prospective student athletes should contact the head coach of the team they are interested in
  • Montclair State University is a member of the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC)
  • Men’s lacrosse competes as a member of the Skyline Athletic Conference
  • Regular season games are free to all current Montclair State University ID card holders
  • We encourage students, faculty and staff to come out and support the Red Hawks

Health Promotion

The office of Health Promotion understands the impact of student health on academic performance and strives to enhance the social, physical and emotional well-being of the diverse student body. Our goal is to give students the knowledge, skills and resources to make informed decisions about their health. Health Promotion is committed to providing services that are designed to develop healthy behaviors and prevent health concerns that may interfere with academic and personal success.

Among these services are:

  • Weekly workshops (meditation, Recovery Room, discussion groups)
  • Educational outreach and programs
  • Peer Advocacy Program
  • Safer sex supplies and abstinence kits
  • Health information resource center

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a department of University Health and Counseling Services designed to provide free personal counseling and psychological services for Montclair State students, as well as referrals and consultations for faculty and staff. CAPS is fully accredited by the International Association of Counseling Centers (IACS.)

CAPS goals include:

  • Allowing students to make the most of their academic education, helping prevent future problems, helping students develop to their fullest potential by learning new skills and resolving issues that may limit their performance, assisting and supporting faculty and staff through consultation, promoting wellness through workshops, presentations and major campus events
  • Providing a positive training environment and close supervision for graduate students in counseling and psychology

CAPS services are free, voluntary and confidential, and available to all Montclair State students. Though a brief wait for services might occur at busier times of the year, urgency of need is always taken into consideration when scheduling an appointment. Depending on the student’s needs, he or she may choose to attend counseling sessions a couple of times or throughout the semester. In some cases, after an initial appointment at CAPS, a referral will be made to an off-campus agency or private practitioner. This would most likely be the case if the student’s needs can be better met off-campus, or if longer-term services are deemed more appropriate. Additionally, CAPS offers short-term consultations and referrals for faculty and staff.

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The Office for Social Justice and Diversity

The Office for Social Justice and Diversity serves students, cultural organizations and the Montclair State community by promoting an environment that fosters and values human understanding. It is a reflection of the University’s commitment to living in a global community. Our aim is to internationalize our curriculum, improve intercultural communications and collaboration as we enhance students’ experience through the exploration of the many cultures found on our campus.

Housed within the Office for Social Justice and Diversity are:

Council for Faith and Spirituality

The Council for Faith and Spirituality, formally known as Campus Ministry, is an umbrella organization that includes all spiritual and religious student organizations and campus ministries. The Council meets monthly during the academic year.

Campus ministers, religious leaders and students support each other by learning from and listening to each other. The Council discourages proselytizing but rather affirms and encourages activities and events that support all religious traditions. The council is chaired by the Director of the Office for Social Justice and Diversity.

Services and programs available include:

  • The Prayer Room in the Student Center, Room 112, is open daily from 7 a.m. to midnight.
  • Bereavement services and pastoral counseling are available by appointment.
  • A full schedule of programs in meditation, praise singing, community service, interfaith dialogues and prayer can be found and enjoyed daily.

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Leadership and Campus Involvement

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a not-for-profit corporation serving the students of Montclair State University. We oversee more than 100 on-campus organizations, including groups for public service, culture, arts, hobbies, sports and greek life. Our aim is to enrich your college experience by giving you opportunities to connect with others, explore new interests and lead your own clubs. The SGA is here to enhance student life at Montclair State University.

Why Join SGA?
You can make a difference in your campus community. Becoming involved in the SGA provides you with the chance to create the changes you want to see on campus. You will have the opportunity to become familiar with members of the Montclair State University Administration, as well as many inspiring and knowledgeable student leaders who will become great colleagues and life-long friends. SGA holds its meetings every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Student Center, Rooms 411-414. You can also stop by the SGA office anytime (Student Center Annex 103) for more information!

Leadership Development

Whether you’re an incoming freshman, transfer, current student, or haven’t made up your mind on Montclair State University just yet, Leadership Development wants to point you in the right direction. It’s hard to pick a major, and even harder to figure out what you want to be when you grow up…but the great thing about our programs is that they are applicable to all majors and careers.

Leadership Development has compiled a list of campus student leadership employment and volunteer opportunities. These positions provide training, flexible, part-time hours, growth opportunities, and of course, invaluable experiences.‌

Additional employment opportunities can be found through the Center for Career Services and Community-Based Learning.

Greek Life

A fraternity or sorority can help personalize your college experience and serve as an avenue of endless opportunities. A Greek organization offers a scholastic support system which includes hands-on experience in leading committees, managing budgets, and interacting with faculty and administrators. You will be exposed to potential career options through educational programs, partake in meaningful discussions with alumni, and also see the limitless number of opportunities to give back to the community through service projects. When you decide to seek fraternity or sorority membership, you will soon enough begin to establish special bonds that turn into friendships that will last a lifetime.

Fraternities and sororities can offer young college students many things, but its most important tenets lie in the advancement and support of students’ personal growth in the areas of leadership, scholarship, service friendships.

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center (VC) assists members in the Montclair State University community to create a lasting, productive and meaningful connection through community service.

Through its resources, the VC is able to carry on the Red Hawk tradition of community service and giving back.

The VC works directly with local area non-profits to identify their volunteer needs, and the office also assists with on-campus volunteer projects organized by individual students or student groups.

  • We’ll help you learn how to become a volunteer.
  • Discover and connect with non-profit organizations.
  • Identify short-term and ongoing volunteer projects.
  • Plan a service project, event or collection with your student organization.
  • Enhance your resume with valuable experience and skills, and meet new people.

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Safety at Montclair State

The Bias Education Response Taskforce

The Bias Education Response Taskforce (BERT) works within the division of Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) to provide a well-coordinated and comprehensive response to incidents of intolerance and bias with respect to race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion and national origin. It is committed to consistent and timely response.

  • The Bias Education Response Taskforce of Montclair State University serves to prevent and respond to bias incidents on campus while coordinating outreach in the event of a bias incident and hate crime.
  • If you or someone you know experiences biased intimidation or violence, the BERT strongly encourages you to report the incident.

MSU Cares

When you are listening to a professor in a classroom, studying alone in a residence hall, socializing with friends in the Student Center or competing on the playing field, you are part of the larger community at Montclair State University.

Sometimes you may not feel that connection; you may feel alone, stressed, afraid. When you do, it’s important to know that there is always someone on campus who CARES about you. Montclair State offers a variety of resources and programs to support you as a student in your physical, emotional, social, and academic pursuits.

Sexual Assault Response Team

Montclair State has a specially trained Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) that offers compassionate, comprehensive care directly on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all students whether the assault occurred on or off campus. Contacting SART does not mean someone has to be charged with a crime. It does mean that a victim will be able to receive appropriate care. Confidential services that are available include:

  • Medical care including STI prevention and emergency contraception.
  • Forensic examination for evidence collection.
  • Sexual Violence advocacy; law enforcement services and support.
  • Options to file criminal/Title IX or disciplinary charges; follow-up counseling; housing and academic accommodations.
  • Assistance to seek services off campus.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, contact University Health Center or University Police Department to get help.

University Police

The University Police Department is the sole law enforcement agency for Montclair State University. The Department is comprised of 40 sworn officers with the duty to provide a safe atmosphere in learning and living environments. The Montclair State University PD is also responsible for the implementation of programs and services designed to promote public safety, crime prevention and community awareness.

  • The University Police Department is available 24/7 for response to emergency situations, reporting of criminal offenses, victim services and for general information related to public safety.
  • The University Police Department provides programming in the areas of self-defense, crime prevention, sexual assault awareness and alcohol/drug presentations, among many others.
  • The University community may opt-in to several applications for safety including Mobile Guardian (GPS technology), Emergency Alert Systems (via RAVE applications) and the Crime TIPS texting program.
  • We provide a SafeWalk program for interested community members during after-hours.
  • Annually, the University Police Department releases crime statistics and program efforts to enhance community awareness and involve individuals in their personal safety.

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Safety Apps

  • Rave Text Alerts – are the primary mobile communications tool at Montclair State University that notifies the campus community in emergency situations as well as other vital scenarios that might impact the campus. You are automatically registered through your University email address and you can add your mobile phone to profile at any time on the Rave website. All broadcast alerts for situations including school closings, power outages, security threats, weather hazards, evacuations and natural disasters will be communicated to your phone or your preferred email address, or both.
  • Rave Guardian – is the award-winning safety application that makes your safe campus here at Montclair State University, safer. Guardian is a timer-based system accessed by using the free Guardian Safety App and clicking on the Safety Timer icon and entering a PIN number that you create upon registration.
  • E-TIPS – You can send a tip to the Montclair State Campus Police by using the Guardian Safety App and clicking on the Send a Tip icon. You can report anything from bullying to a broken car window.

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