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Academic Services

Need some help with placement testing, tutoring, writing a paper or finding a job on campus or off? Check out the links below to find all the services available to you on campus throughout your four years and beyond!

Academic Success Center InformationCenter for Career Services InformationCenter for Writing Excellence InformationSprague Library InformationInternational Engagement InformationEntrepreneurship InformationTeacher Advocacy Information

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) conducts the assessment of freshmen and some transfer students for course placement into mathematics, chemistry and reading. The Center also offers tutoring services, academic development symposiums, supplemental instruction and learning-support programs to Montclair State University students in collaboration with academic and administrative departments. ASC is certified by The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

ASC Academic Development Offerings:

  • Individual tutoring
  • Group tutoring sessions
  • Course review sessions
  • Supplemental instruction
  • Academic development symposiums
  • Study groups
  • And much more

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Center for Career Services

The Center for Career Services provides a comprehensive approach to career exploration for undeclared students and alumni. If you have declared your major, your Career Advisor is located in your respective College/School. You can get help with resume writing, job hunting, getting in touch with employers and more!

  • Career counseling can help you with self-assessment, determining what major you might want to pursue, as well as provide occupational information
  • Career fairs and employment programs are available to you each semester
  • Cooperative Education (co-op) is a credit-bearing opportunity where you learn outside the classroom through a supervised work experience. Get experience before you graduate – get a co-op! Come to our office to learn more

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Center for Writing Excellence

The Center for Writing Excellence is available to all University students, faculty, staff and alumni who are committed to developing and improving as writers. Sessions with experienced writing consultants are designed to provide help on every aspect of the writing process, with the goal of enabling students to achieve long-term improvement, confidence and independence.

Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Getting started: Understanding the writing task and generating ideas
  • Drafting: Developing a focus and an argument, selecting appropriate evidence and organizing your ideas
  • Revising: Choosing strategies to improve drafts
  • Polishing: Learning to edit your own writing

To prepare for your session, come with an assignment or task, text for course (if you are taking one), all work you have done to get started (any free writing and notes), draft of your paper (if you have one), your goal for the conference and/or, most importantly, a specific question or writing problem for which you would like help.

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Sprague Library

Sprague Library serves faculty, staff, community patrons and students from freshman to doctoral level. Although we serve many diverse groups, we give special attention to new students through library orientations and instructional classes geared to college writing courses.

One of our most popular services is the Laptop Lending program, where a student may borrow a laptop for a maximum of four hours, complete assignments and even print out needed items. See a description of more of our services below.

  • Individual help at the Reference Desk with assignments
  • Email reference service – “Ask Ref”
  • Suggestions for recreational reading
  • General campus information and locations
  • Web-surfing area in the Reference department (20-25 computers)
  • Library instruction classes available on all levels and subjects, by faculty request
  • Help figure out assignments
  • Laptop loans
  • Open extended hours for students
  • Faculty may put course materials on reserve for students
  • Learn research strategies in classroom with 30 computers

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Office of International Engagement – Study Abroad

The Office of International Engagement offers students a variety of options to study abroad for fall, spring, and summer semesters, spring or winter break or a full academic year. We help students through the application process, offer re-entry programs, host study abroad fairs, information sessions, pre-departure orientations and special events. We also provide advice on using financial aid, budgeting and applying for scholarships for the study abroad experience.

  • Advise students on the study abroad process
  • Weekly information sessions and study abroad fairs each semester
  • Host pre-departure and re-entry workshops
  • Assist with cost estimation for the Financial Aid Office
  • Transfer credits from study abroad programs

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Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

At the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we know entrepreneurs are not just business owners – they are psychologists, artists, scientists, teachers, fashion designers, sociologists, anthropologists, musicians, mathematicians, translators, programmers, graphic designers, counselors, dancers, nutritionists, social workers, economists, financial and more.

Our Minor in Entrepreneurship is the perfect way to pursue your passion through your major while getting real-world entrepreneurial skills. Check our website for more info about required courses for the minor. Don’t have enough credits?

We also offer a Certificate of Entrepreneurship that consists of three, 3-credit courses. Our ENTR courses are open to any student in any major. In fact, only one-third of the students in our ENTR 201 “Entrepreneurial Mindset” course are business majors

  • The Center’s highly interactive courses teach students the mindset of an entrepreneur, a valuable attitude that can help students succeed in any career
  • The classes help students learn how to be more creative and to discover new ways to innovate
  • Learn about our free events, featuring top-notch entrepreneurs

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Teacher Education Advocacy Center (TEC)

The Teacher Education Advocacy Center (TEAC) in the Center of Pedagogy enhances the quality of the Teacher Education Program at Montclair State University, by recruiting, retaining and preparing students from historically underrepresented populations for the teaching profession.

TEAC’s mission is to increase the diversity of the Teacher Education Program through the development and implementation of inclusive and responsive education services. In an effort to prepare students for careers in teacher education, TEAC collaborates with faculty, departments and institutions to provide students with personalized support, academic guidance, college life transitions, mentoring, career networking and financial assistance.

Supportive services TEAC provides include:

  • Praxis I exam preparation assistance
  • Reading and writing coach
  • Support for English Language Learners
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities in teacher education clubs and organizations

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