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Military Affiliated Students FAQs

What is required to activate my benefits?
  • Visit the VA website and apply for the appropriate veteran benefit.
    • If you have used the Post 9/11 GI Bill at another institution please update your information to show Montclair State University.
  • After activation, Veteran Affairs will send your Certificate of Eligibility (C.O.E.). Once you receive your C.O.E., email it along with your DD214 (if applicable) to veteranadvising@montclair.edu.
  • If you are in the National Guard and will be using the National Guard Waiver, email a copy signed by both you and your Commander to veteranadvising@montclair.edu. Per the National Guard, you will need to apply for federal financial aid every academic year in order for your NG Waiver to be applied.
  • Apply for federal financial aid! All students may apply to federal financial aid, however, only students using the National Guard Waiver need to apply.
Who do I need to meet with after being accepted?
  • Contact the department of your major and schedule an appointment with a departmental advisor. Use the search feature on Montclair State University website to search for your department’s contact information.
  • Schedule an on-boarding appointment with your designated Veteran/Military Affiliated Student Advisor and School Certifying Official.
Who can Military Affiliated students contact for assistance?

Office of Veteran and Military Resources
Jonathan Gubitosi
Veterans Advising, Certification and Engagement Coordinator
Susan A. Cole Hall, Suite 318

Undergraduate Admissions Office
Ken Miyazawa
Pre-Enrollment Specialist for Military Affiliated Students
Susan A. Cole Hall, Suite 100