Seperately Budgeted Research

FY2016 Awards List

Nina Goodey & Jennifer Krumins Chemistry and Biochemistry & Biology and Molecular Biology Function of Soil Enzymes in Microhabitats of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil
Elaine Hitchcock Communication Sciences and Disorders Examining the Use of Computer Assisted Delivery of the Challenge Point Framework for Establishment and Generalization of Persistent Speech Errors
Devon Johnson Marketing A Study of Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Making
Megan Moran History Gender and the Politics of Social Networking in Renaissance Florence
T.T. Rajan Selvarajan Management Workplace social support and work family conflict: A study of employees with mentally disabled children
David Witten Cali School of Music Recording proposal: Piano Music of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

FY2015 Awards List

Ndidiamaka Amutah Health and Nutrition Sciences Identifying health perceptions and barriers to seeking health care for chronic illnesses among HIV+ women of color with a history of substance abuse
Amanda Baden Counseling and Educational Leadership Adoption Microaggression Project
Yeon Bai & Soyoung Lee Health and Nutrition Sciences & Family and Child Studies Examination of infant feeding decision-making and ecological factors within the Korean immigrant context
Sumi Hagiwara Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education epiSTEMic: Co-Teaching and Learning
Emily Isaacs English Intersections: Writing Academically about Anything and Everything
Miriam Linver & Constance Gager Family and Child Studies Adolescent-Parent Relationships and Young Adult Romantic Relationship Quality 10 Years Later
Meena Mahadevan Health and Nutrition Sciences Managing Multiple Chronic Diseases: A Pilot Nutritional Intervention Strategy for Bangladeshi Muslim Women in Paterson, NJ
Stefan Robila Computer Science Social Network Data Integration for Cybersecurity
Patricia Salzman Classics and General Humanities Classical Myth and Film in the New Millennium
Marilyn Tayler Political Science and Law Domestic Abuse as a Legal Defense in Law and Literature: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
Ashuwin Vaidya Mathematical Sciences Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Pattern Formation

FY2014 Awards List

Clement Alo Earth and Environmental Studies Exploring the impact of land use/land cover changes on variations in the four-state (PA-NJ-NY-CT) Highlands climated
Zoe Burkholder Educational Foundations Defenders of Democracy: New York City Teachers and the Battle for Cold War Americanism
Mark Clatterbuck Philosophy and Religion Christianity at Crow Agency: Video Interview Project (E-book/CD-ROM)
Sara Goldstein Family and Child Studies Adolescents' experiences with peers online: What do parents really know?
Jonathan Greenberg English Cambridge Introduction to Satire
Elaine Hitchcock Communication Sciences and Disorders A Comparison of Visual Biofeedback Methods in the Treatment of Persistent Speech Errors
Robert Meredith Biology and Molecular Biology Tooth Gene Evaluation in Squamates
Mika Munakata and Dirk Vanderklein Biology and Molecular Biology Crossing Boundaries in Undergraduate Biology Education: Assessing an Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning
Dorothy Rogers Philosophy and Religion Archival Research on Women in Philosophy