Student Faculty Research

FY2018 Awards List

Bradley  Forenza McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy Positive Youth Development and Empowerment among New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) Constituents
Milton Fuentes Psychology Validation of the NIS Skin Color Scale
Jessica Henry Justice Studies Justice Upside Down: Exploring No-Crime Wrongful Convictions
Miriam Linver Family and Child Studies Reporting Results of the Inspiring Youth Purpose Poster Program
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba Earth and Environmental Studies Numerical modeling of fluvial deltas
Jennifer Brown Urban Family and Child Studies Social Networks in Character Education: Implications for Positive Social Contagion

FY2017 Awards List

Susan Baglieri and Jessica Bacon Secondary and Special Education/ Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education Increasing Access to College at Montclair State University
Catherine Baird Reference Services Understanding Library Users through Usability Testing and Information Behavior
Brad Forenza Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy Youth development and empowerment among Latinos advocating for social change
Jinshan Gao Chemistry and Biochemistry Developing free radical isobaric aldehyde-reactive tags for glycan quantitation and characterization
Nina Goodey Chemistry and Biochemistry Crystallization of B. malayi DHFR, a drug target in treatment of filariasis
Miriam Linver and Jennifer Brown Urban Family and Child Studies Inspiring Youth Purpose through Reflection on the Laws of Life: Improving, Implementing, Evaluating, & Researching the Inspire>Aspire Poster Program
Jennifer Adams Krumins Biology Sequencing the Microbiome of Earthworms from Urban Brownfield Soils
Arnaud Kurze Justice Studies Role of Civil Society, particularly youth, during post-conflict and post-authoritarian transitions

FY2016 Awards List

Lauren Carr Art and Design Weaving Sketch with 3D Animation
Mark Clatterbuck Philosophy and Religion Approaches to Healing at St. Francis Parish (Hackensack, NJ): Indigenous, Catholic, and Mainstream
Elaine Gerber Anthropology Food Insecurity and People with Disabilities
Pankaj Lal Earth and Environmental Studies Socio-Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructures by Newark Bay Area Residents
Aihua Li Mathematical Sciences Randic Connectivity Indices of Cycle Based Graphs
Jennifer Pardo Psychology Phonetic Convergence During Spoken Communication
Dorothy Rogers Philosphy and Religion Women Philosophers DVD Project: 20th Century
Brian Smith Political Science and Law Why Kenneth Waltz Misread Adam Smith