Summer Grant Proposal Development

FY2018 Awards List

FacultyDepartment Title
Jaclyn Catalano Chemistry and Biochemistry Investigating the Active Site of Substrate Reducing Cytochrome P450 2S1
Amir Golnabi and Reginald Halaby Mathematical Sciences/
Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Training and Education in Biomedical Sciences (ROUTE BMS)
Sarah Lowe Psychology Community Mental Health after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Nicole Panorkou Mathematical Sciences The D2-DYME project: Designing a Digital game for Dynamic Measurement
Anish Parikh and Jigar Patel Management/Information
Management and Business Analytics
Bringing food to seniors in need: an efficiency perspective
Joshua Sandry Psychology Functional & Structural Neuroimaging of Working Memory Mediated Memory Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
Pablo Tinio Educational Foundations The Emotional Challenge in Teaching Creativity: Behavioral and Physiological Examination
John Paul Wilson Psychology Racially Biased Size Judgments: Toward a Real-World Understanding

FY2017 Awards List

FacultyDepartment Title
Natasha Abner Linguistics Origins of Iconic Representations in Sign Language
Sarita Eisenberg Communication Sciences and Disorders Predictors of Continued Language Impairment From Age 3 to 7
John Gaynor and Vladislav Snitsarev Biology Pharmacologically Active Peptides from Jellyfish Venom
Nina Goodey and David Konas Chemistry and Biochemistry Determination of Substrate Specificity and Inhibition of the M. tuberculosis Indole-3-Glycerol Phosphate Synthase
Steven Greenstein Mathematical Sciences Designing for Mathematical Experience
Elaine Hitchcock Communication Sciences and Disorders Beyond Traditional Treatment: Using Visual Biofeedback for Treatment of Speech Sound Errors
Peter Andrew Hosick Exercise Science and Physical Education The relationship between physical fitness and obesity in endocrine dysfunction
Lisa Lieberman and Eva Goldfarb Health and Nutrition Sciences Decision-Making Features of Young Adults' First Sexual Experiences: Implications for Sexual Health Interventions
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba Earth and Environmental Studies Exploring the role of the fresh to salt boundary on deltaic stratigraphy
Eileen Murray and Amir Golnabi Mathematical Sciences Precalculus Coordination and Prof. Development with Adjunct Faculty
Svetlana Shpiegel Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy Repeat Childbirth among Adolescent Females Emancipating From Foster Care: Prevalence Rates and Socio-Demographic Correlates

FY2016 Awards List

FacultyDepartment Title
Nicole DiDonato-Barnes and Helenrose Fives Educational Foundations Assessment As Learning: Promoting Scientific Literacy in Elementary Classrooms Through Recursive Formative Assessment
Tanya Blacic Earth and Environmental Studies Medicine Lake Volcano, CA-Subsurface Structure, Subsidence and Hazards
Jinshan Gao Chemistry and Biochemistry Development of Magnetic Nanoparticle-based Free Radical Activated Glycan Sequencing Regent (MN-FRAGS)
Maughn Gregory and David Kennedy Educational Foundations Philosphy and Art Partnership (NEH Grant Proposal)
Jonathan Howell Linguistics Automatic Detection of Contrastive Focus in Naturally Occurring Speech
Jennifer Krumins and Nina Goodey Biology and Molecular Biology & Chemistry and Biochemistry Microbial Faciliation in Contaminated Soils
Arnaud Kurze Justice Studies The Role of North African youth activists in transitional justice processes in the aftermath of the Arab spring
Pankaj Lal Earth and Environmental Studies Assessing ecosystem value of New York/New Jersey Harbor and delineating tradeoffs arising due to development of flood mitigation design structures
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba Earth and Environmental Studies Integrated field and modeling investigation of coupled barrier-backbarrier system responses to long-term coastal change
Jennifer Pardo Psychology RUI: Phonetic Convergence in Spoken Communication
T.T. Rajan Selvarajan Management Human Resources Management and Employee Engagement
Talida State Secondary and Special Education Selecting Appropriate Accomodations for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders