Photo of teacher with young children and blocks in classroom.

P-3 Modified Alternate Route

Montclair State University is authorized by the New Jersey Department of Education to provide a modified alternate route program for individuals seeking certification to teach pre-school through grade three. This non-traditional teacher preparation program is designed for individuals who have not completed a formal teacher preparation program at an accredited college or university but wish to obtain the necessary training to become a certified Early Childhood teacher.

Montclair State University offers course options that are delivered in hybrid format with a combination of both online and traditional face-to-face courses. Through Montclair State University’s Off-Site and Special Programs office, traditional face-to-face courses are also offered at off-site locations that may be more convenient for working professionals located within other regions in New Jersey.

Hybrid Program Locations

  • Montclair State University
  • Cumberland County College
  • Newark, NJ (Anticipated location for Fall 2018)

P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program Design

  • 24 credits (nine classes)
  • Non-Traditional Teacher Preparation Program designed for working professionals
  • Hybrid courses delivered online and at off-site locations
  • No student teaching requirement
  • Cohort-based model where students learn as they work in their early childhood classrooms
  • Fall and spring cohort start dates
  • Credits earned within the P-3 MAR Program may be applied to the MAT program if accepted (4-6 additional courses to earn Master of Arts in Teaching)
  • Credits earned within the P-3 MAR Program may be applied to earn Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification ( six additional courses to qualify for TOSD certification)
  • Self-paced 50-hour pre-professional course completed online prior to beginning coursework

The work I was doing prior to applying to Montclair State University P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program was in banking, and I knew that I needed a change. The Montclair P-3 MAR program set me up for success for my current position. I decided that Montclair State’s P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program would prepare me as game-changing educator. The support that I had from the faculty was what stood out to me. My coursework and clinical experience prepared me to be an effective teacher in the classroom. Prior to taking on my current role, I was a classroom teacher in Newark for 11 years. Currently, I support novice teachers who are in a 15-month residency program with Montclair State University and Newark Public Schools.

Naome C. Dunnell, Montclair State University P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program Alumna

Continuing study after P-3 MAR Program

Many individuals who complete Montclair State University’s P-3 Modified Alternate Route Certification Program decide to further their graduate study in education. By pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching or additional certification for Teacher of Students with Disabilities, teachers not only increase their professional expertise but also improve their career and/or promotion opportunities.