Honors Program

A Shared Learning Community

If your student has an especially strong high school record, our Honors Program is a unique shared academic, social, living, and learning community. It offers an outstanding educational experience by bringing exceptional students and distinguished faculty members together. Advanced courses and the chance to work with faculty mentors on individual and collaborative projects provide rewarding opportunities for personal growth, academic achievement and recognition, and leadership.

Montclair Honors Program graduates have succeeded in every field of endeavor. Some have furthered their studies at schools such as Harvard, Yale, and New York University. Every one of our students who has applied to law school has been admitted to a law program. Other Honors Progrram alumni have pursued careers as accountants, artists, scholars, writers, musicians, illustrators, social workers, business leaders, researchers, and teachers and professors.

Visit Montclair State's Honors Program website for more information about the Honors Program and how to apply.

Honor Societies

View information about the Montclair State's partnership with national honor societies, for both undergraduate and graduate students, at:  montclair.edu/honor-societies.