Incomplete Work

Use of Incomplete Grades The grade of “Incomplete” (IN) is used when a student has not completed the required coursework. The IN grade signifies that a grade is being withheld until the required work in completed and approved.

In all cases, the IN grade is a privilege exercised by an instructor. It is not a right ascribed to a student. The instructor is not required to provide an IN grade. An IN grade cannot be employed to avoid the receipt of a low grade. 

* Conditions for Receiving an IN Grade For an IN grade to be assigned the student must initiate the request no later than the last day of class. A formal agreement is developed between the student and the instructor delineating the conditions for removing the IN grade using The Contract for an Incomplete Grade. (This contract is kept in the department file.)

* Removal of an IN Grade For an IN grade to be removed, students are responsible for completing their work by the following dates:

February 15 for IN grades assigned for the previous fall semester.
June 30 for IN grades assigned for the previous spring and
October 15 for IN grades assigned for the previous summer semester. 

* Extending the Deadline for Removal of an IN Grade If there is reason to extend the deadline for an IN grade removal, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate this by submitting a Request of Extension of an Incomplete Grade to the Office of the Registrar. This request must be signed by the instructor and appropriate Chairperson or Dean. 

Additional information can be found at: (graduate students) or (Student Handbook)