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For online transfer requests and training

See the Account Transfer Reference Guide for online transfer requests created directly in PeopleSoft FMS.  For Acceptable Child Accounts used for Online Expense/Revenue Transfers, see the Guide or the table of Accounts.

Email sent to All FMS Users:  (10/29/2018)

In October 2018, the Controller’s Department rolled out online account transfers to FMS Department administrators and managers whereby expenses or revenue amounts may be transferred between accounts or between Departments in FMS.  This was previously known as an Expense Transfer and requested through paper form to General Accounting.

The goal of the online process in FMS is a quicker turn-around time, better audit-tracking and reduction in manual processes.  The manual processes will further be accomplished through the discontinuation of the paper expense transfer form by March 1, 2019 for allowable accounts as identified in the

Account Transfer Reference Guide

The paper expense transfer form will be limited to accounts that are unallowable and will be processed by contacting General Accounting in reviewing and processing the request. The new account transfer process allows for two workflow scenarios as shown below.  Please contact Tina Lusamba (ext. 3749 or or Anna Kolbik (ext. 3655 or in General Accounting if you have any questions about this process.

Training classes start on November 5, 2018.  Please sign up for one of the classes. Department managers and assistants who are responsible for managing budgets, initiating expense or revenue transfers including inter-departmental billings are encouraged to attend training. Requestors are required to attend training to receive access and Approvers are strongly encouraged to attend training or request from General Accounting the Account Transfer Reference Guide for access.

To register for the Account Transfer Class, visit  ITDS Course Registration and select “PeopleSoft” in the Categories drop down menu.

In addition, please find the new Account Transfer Request Form (replaces the form previously known as Expense Transfer Form) and procedures attached.

Standard account transfer workflow:

  1. Department administrator enters the transfer request
  2. Department manager that is receiving the expense or reducing revenue approves or denies

Alternate account transfer workflow;

  1. Department manager enters the transfer request

In both scenarios:

  • If transfer involves grants, the Principal Investigator (PI) approves or denies and grants accounting approves or denies
  • If transfer involves purchase of Red Hawk dollars, the Red Hawk department approves or denies
  • If transfer involves parking, Carolen Amarante (Facilities) approves or denies

Final step – General Accounting reviews, approves or denies.


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