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Installation and Removal of Temporary Outdoor Art

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The purpose of this policy is to create an orderly process for approval, installation and removal of temporary outdoor art. This allows for the local display of art resulting from class projects, senior and thesis shows and special one time exhibits.

Temporary is defined as a finite period of time of one month but no-longer than one semester. The display of any exterior work beyond that timeframe requires University administrative approval and must abide by regulations established for long-term art installations. For displays in the spring, all pieces must be removed at least one week prior to the first convocation of the spring semester.

As an integral part of the educational mission, the display of temporary art serves as an educational experience for both the artist and the audience. All temporary works must have a direct linkage with the University, either as part of academic programs or as other recognized University organizations in conjunction with their programming efforts.

In that most temporary art is the result of art department functions, the perimeter of display shall be the grassy areas contiguous with Calcia Hall and the two grassy triangles between Calcia and Dickson Halls. The faculty of a student(s) or class shall inform the art department chair of the intent to mount a show or individual works and the timeframe for each respective display. The chair of the art department will share the schedule of outdoor works with the Dean CART, University Police and University Facilities. These displays shall be for one month (or less).

As part of an art display, each piece is to be marked with an informative placard made of material that will last for the duration of the display. The placard will contain the name of the piece, the artist, the materials used, its purpose (e.g., class project, senior work, special exhibit to mention a few) and the dates of installation and removal. For works or displays in this area by others than those of the art department, permission must be obtained by the chair of the art department.

It is important that the installation of works do not conflict with existing University property and landscape. Existing University property is not to be altered or damaged or reconfigured. Passageways are to remain clear and dangerous materials or the configuration of materials that can cause injury are to be displayed at a sufficient distance from the normal everyday use of University property or area (i.e., placing sharp materials on a bench is prohibited). Not all contingencies can be accounted for in this document. The artist/installer of any work is responsible for any unsafe conditions created by his/her work.

At the end of the agreed exhibition time the artist/installer is responsible for the removal of the work and its proper disposition. The area affected is to be left in the same condition as before the installation. If the item(s) are not removed by the schedule date it will be assumed abandoned and removed by the University at the exhibiter’s expense.

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